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A dream tool for designers

If you’re a CAD user looking for the most efficient design tool that will let you break free from juggling different applications and software just to design a project, then your search is now over. With Fusion 360, you don’t have to worry about the whole design creation process. The software guides you and your whole team from designing drafts to printing perfected 3D models. This program is 3D CAD remastered, making it the most interactive, all-in-one platform (best for collaborations) for CAD, CAM, and CAE tools. You can explore its overflowing features and services with its free trial period. Ready to upgrade your designing experience with this amazing tool?

Fusion 360 is one of the better design tools which every CAD user should have in their own toolbox.

The program is a fusion of CAD/CAM/CAE tools delivered in a cloud platform. It consists of tools that support an entire design-to-manufacture process within one Computer-Aided Design (CAD) package. The combination of CAD, CAM, FEA, and documentation leads to an easier flow of different design phases and presentation graphics without the trouble of learning separate software packages. 

A fusion of your dream tools

Parametric and Direct, Solid and Surface, T-spline and Mesh geometry import, creation and export are all supported within the program. Drawing, Rendering, and 3D-Printed output are available for design validation, documentation, and prototyping. To check and validate your designs, there are Simulation and Shape Optimisation features in this CAD program. The program is also integrated with CAM, letting you manufacture the final design parts needed. Since its license is tied to your Autodesk login (and not the device you’re currently using), worrying about a specific operating system won't be a problem. The software’s integrated document management system backs up all your work in progress in your Team account making it easier to work hassle-free in different locations. It also uses cloud-based services to simplify compute-intensive tasks including rendering your design projects and FEA studies and give you the freedom to use your time for more productive tasks. It’s also a platform which encourages collaboration even from remote colleagues and clients, granting third parties access to your files from any web-connected device which can help shorten waiting time in design life cycles and accelerate production time to market. Viewing and mark-up tools are also built within the team management platform, resulting in easier (and faster) cycles of revisions and approvals.

A fusion of your team’s innovation

The program can be considered as one brilliant package integrating Product Innovation Platform (PIP) within its tools to support you and your whole team from Concept Designing, to Engineering and Production, to your final released product. Check out this rundown of other significant features the program has to offer:

· Concept Design and 3D Modelling - It is a single model environment in which you can use existing designs from any other CAD system, or create your own unique parts from scratch.

· Prototyping and Fabrication - Ready your designs for 3D printing as a prototype or as a final part within the program’s built-in 3D print preparation environment.

· Integrated Simulation - Verify and simulate your work-in-progress designs to minimize the number of produced physical prototypes  and reduce costs and time to market.

· Document Management and Collaboration - All your important files are backed up to the cloud, saving every version you make with a full built-in audit trail. Rename and restructure your designs as much as you need since your files are all permission-controlled and tracked.

Where can you run this program?

 You can use it on any device of your choice since it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and various web browsers. There are also F360 mobile apps available for your iPhone and Android devices, making it easier to choose the best platform depending on your preference and/or location. You don’t have to invest in expensive hardware since its system requirements are pretty minimal. However, if you want to have a better user experience, check into more efficient memory and graphics for your computer especially if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card.

Is there a better alternative?

The program is really efficient both cost- and resource-wise. It will guide and help your designing tasks activities until your perfectly-made 3D model is ready for the world to see.  However, take a look at other similar programs which offer the same (or better) features for more references. One of the most popular 3D modeling computer programs nowadays is SketchUp. It has a wide range of drawing applications for different uses including architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical, film and video game design. It’s available as a web-based application with many versions for you to explore such as SketchUp Free (freeware version), SketchUp Make (paid version with additional premium features), and lastly SketchUp Pro (which is commonly used for corporate purposes). You will have enough materials and resources for your projects, given that you'll have access to an online library of free model assemblies and a 3D warehouse where users can integrate their own creations and designs. It's important to note that even if these two programs are enough to be standalone software, you can have both installed on your PC (one works as the secondary or backup) to have better results of product designs and presentations.

Our take

Fusion 360 is highly recommended for being the primary design program of choice or as a supplementary program to an existing design tool. Its vast collection of helpful features and its ability to share your data with ease are just two of the reasons why you should consider it for your next project. Although the software has received overwhelmingly positive responses from its users, it is still far from becoming perfect. It is a relatively new CAD program which doesn’t include all the tools that you can find in traditional CAD software. On the other hand, it aims to continuously improve and develop to provide you with service worthy of your time and resources.

Should you download it?

Only if you’re willing to try its cloud-based nature. That feature in particular can put off potential clients who are obsessed with their data security. In general though, since it offers a 30-day trial, you can simply choose not to go for their paid services after the period is over if you think it’s still not suitable for your work.


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Integrated with local and cloud resources
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Incorporated with CAD/CAM/CAE tools


  • Needs an Autodesk account for all-feature access
  • With occasional crashes
  • Slow performance while rendering big files

Program available in other languages

Autodesk Fusion 360for Windows

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