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Diverse range of brushes

ArtRage is one of many digital art tools available for your computer. However, it has a wide range of features that are not found in similar software, allowing you to create art that’s more authentic like what you might find on the walls of a museum.

Digital art in a new light

ArtRage is a powerful art tool that gives you access to life-like brushes and other powerful tools to work with.

With the offer of life-like brushes, ArtRage is a powerful tool for anyone that wants to make art without getting messy or constantly buying paint. There are a wide range of tools available to aid your projects.

One such tool that’ll help you along the way is the color wheel. While selecting a color to use, it will automatically point out choices that complement the one you’ve picked. Thanks to this you no longer have to struggle through trial and error or use a secondary application.

ArtRage has multiple ways that you can play with brushes, aside from picking a new one from their wide selection. You can edit the thickness of a brushstroke, the level of gloss, and the brush shape quickly and easily.

As you work, you can record the actions that you take on screen and set them to repeat at the press of a button. The feature can be used to avoid doing repetitive tasks or creating an exact copy on another point in the canvas.

The main thing that’ll stop you from using ArtRage is the learning curve it presents. If you come from other applications such as Photoshop, you’ll quickly realize that the button shortcuts are different.

Where can you run this program?

ArtRage is available for Windows 7 and up or MacOS 10.10 and later. There are also mobile versions available for iOS and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

No. With art creation software, there are different tools for different needs. This is a paid application and has brushes that can make life-like paintings. However, Krita is a free alternative.

Our take

ArtRage is a wonderful application that provides artists with a variety of life-like brushes for multiple styles and aids them in the creation of beautiful work.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to make digital art that’s as aesthetically pleasing as a real-life painting, then this application is a must-have.


  • Easily find complementary colors
  • Customize your canvas
  • Experiment with paint brushes
  • Record your actions


  • Has a learning curve

ArtRagefor Windows


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