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Free design tool

Adobe XD is a free-to-start software for Windows that helps you create stunning menus and graphics. The application's interface is well-designed and provides quick access to tools and utilities. With many features, the application is an excellent choice for professionals and hobbyists.

Lots of features

There are many features available with both the free and premium versions of Adobe XD. The cleanly-designed interface lays out your color selection, font, and many essential design tools. From there, you can access all the advanced features, such as layering your idea as a 3D image.

Other options available include duplicating sections, adding states that can change an item, and creating components to use or edit for later purposes. All of these tools help speed up your team’s work process.

Free to start

Unlike many other Adobe applications, XD doesn't require a monthly subscription to a license. However, several differences make a paid subscription better than the free option. The first level of paid support includes 98 GB additional cloud storage than the 2 GB offered at no cost.

Additionally, the paid subscription offers extended document history, more sharing links, and extra font options, among other features. There are tutorials available to make the app easy to learn.

Import with ease

Adobe XD lets you import any Adobe software files into the application to edit and change them. The ease of importing is excellent, as you'll likely already use Photoshop or other Adobe applications if you're purchasing a monthly subscription to the upgraded license.

Animate and collaborate

Using the many tools available within Adobe XD, you can set up unique animations. Additionally, if you're working with a colleague, you can cooperatively work on a project simultaneously.

Our take

Adobe XD It is an excellent app, whether you're using it for free or paying the license's monthly fees. Other alternatives available include Flinto and Framer, two alternative design applications. Overall, the software is an excellent set of tools for designing and creating various items such as web application menus.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a new design tool for menus or other graphics, starting a free plan for Adobe XD is a great idea.


  • Free starter plan
  • Plenty of features
  • Import from other Adobe software


  • Many features require a monthly payment

Program available in other languages

Adobe XDfor Windows


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