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iPadian is an iOS simulator that gives users a chance to experience the interface of iOS software. It can be downloaded on Windows desktops and offers insight into the iOS platform.

What does iPadian offer?

iPadian is a simulator that enables you to get a feel for how iOS devices look. Explore the realm of devices such as iPhones, MacBooks and iPads and the interface you can expect from them.

Try the iOS experience before you go out and buy an Apple product. This tool is invaluable for anyone who wants a quick and simple way to test their compatibility to the iOS interface.

Open iPadian as a window on your desktop and flick through the interface. It doesn’t interfere with your computer or make any changes to your operating system.

Test out some of the pre-installed apps that come with iPadian. The apps are designed to run like iOS operated apps would, to give you a clear idea of how they function.

Take into account that this is a simulator and not an emulator. This means that it doesn’t recreate the iOS software on your computer, nor does it give you access to iOS material, such as the AppStore.

With an emulator, you can run the AppStore products on your desktop or device, without having an iOS operating system. On iPadian, you can only trial the apps that come with the software, and have no real access to anything on the iOS software.

The software is created on Adobe Air, meaning you need to have this installed on your computer beforehand. This can be frustrating for users who don’t want to download additional software just to use iPadian.

Where can you run this program?

This software is only available to download on Windows desktops. It can be run on Windows 7 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

iPadian clearly advertises itself as a simulator and not an emulator of iOS, but it causes confusion with users who want to use iOS software. Based on this, there are better alternatives that offer emulation services as well, such as Ripple.

Our take

iPadian offers a unique service. It allows users to simulate iOS software. Despite not being an emulator, it comes with packaged apps that simulate those from the AppStore. It’s well thought out and cleverly designed.

Should you download it?

Download iPadian if you are looking for a simple iOS simulator. If you want an emulator of iOS software, however, iPadian isn’t worth downloading.

iPadianfor Windows


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