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InstaSave is a free utility that allows you to download media from Instagram, a social media platform. The tool is much needed, as the Instagram application and website prevent you from saving images and videos. It’s easy to use and works through your browser, which, unfortunately, makes large batches of downloads time-consuming.

Download images from Instagram

Instagram is well known for its inability to save content to your device. However, using InstaSave, you're able to bypass this limitation. Using the app, you can safely save images from Instagram without concerns for viruses or malware.

Easy to download

Downloading a picture from Instagram is a simple process that you can finish relatively quickly, depending on how many images you're saving. Since you need to copy links to each post one by one, adding pictures to your mobile device becomes tedious. However, you don’t need to have the Instagram app installed to copy the required links from the web page itself.

Unfortunately, there’s no method to download your entire bookmarked folder. If you're looking for a way to mass download hundreds of images simultaneously, you'll need another application.

Download videos

Aside from images, InstaSave can download videos from Instagram. This ability is beneficial, as using the screenshot feature on your phone, but screenshotting does not capture videos. However, the application can’t save other media types, such as GIFs.

Saves to your gallery

All the images and videos you download are saved directly to your device's gallery. Once you input the link into the field and click to add the image, you'll automatically see it appear in your photo albums. If your gallery is full and your device has no space left, you cannot download more media from Instagram.

Our take

InstaSave is a useful app that helps you save videos and images from the Instagram app by copying links. Many similar programs function the same way, such as QuickSave and Instagram Downloader. The app works flawlessly and usually completes downloads within a decent amount of time.

Should you download it?

Yes. Using InstaSave is a fast and simple way to save images or videos off of Instagram that you're otherwise unable to download.


  • Download pictures from instagram
  • Downloads videos
  • Batch download


  • Downloading multiple files is time consuming

Program available in other languages

InstaSave - Download Instagram Video & Save Photosfor Android


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