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Free PDF converting software and editor

Image To PDF is a free file editing and conversion software that lets users convert images into PDF files.

How it works

Users can either convert one image into a PDF file or several all at once. Image To PDF supports the conversion of several file types, including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, DCX, JPEG, JP2, WMF, and many others. It’s also possible for users to adjust the image size and add frames or custom watermarks to their works.

Before converting your images into a single file, you can edit images individually by clicking on them in the software menu. From there, you will be able to change the quality of the picture, adjust brightness and contrast, and add all the features mentioned above. When you’re done, you can simply convert the images, and all the editing will show up on the completed conversion.

Is Image To PDF free?

Yes, this program is entirely free to use. Any additional updates and licensing that come with the program are included in the installation.

Our take

For a program that’s completely free to use, Image To PDF offers a very high-quality service.  The interface is simple and easy to navigate, and there is no added fuss. Conversion is fast, and the file itself doesn’t take up much space. It doesn’t have the same quality that PrimoPDF or Zamzar would have, but it’s still a good application.

Unfortunately, it has a few bugs. At times, the quality of the images will drop after conversion. This can be frustrating, especially when working with many images, as you have to repeat the entire process. Another reason you may need to start over is getting an error message during conversion. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Image To PDF offers quality service, and it’s all free. While it doesn’t have as many features as one would get from a paid application, this is still good to have if you’re looking for something easy and straightforward to use.


  • Simple conversion
  • Easy to use


  • Few features
  • Bugs

Image To PDFfor Windows

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