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A free PDF convertor for Windows

PrimoPDF is a free utility tool that can convert any document or image into a PDF file. The program has been designed for Windows and offers various features that make creating PDFs a simple process. With its help, you can create PDFs and add encryption to them if needed. PrimoPDF also has a drag-and-drop PDF creation feature that is simple and saves a lot of time. However, the program is limited in its functionality and doesn’t offer any additional PDF management tools. 

What does PrimoPDF do?

Developed by Nitro Software Inc., the PrimoPDF download is a simple Windows application that lets users create PDF documents from different file formats. It also acts as a virtual printer and offers a straightforward PDF creation process. In addition to this, the program lets users optimize PDFs for eBooks, desktop screens, and brochures. You can also use the application to open PDF files or email them directly.

Does PrimoPDF have a simple interface?

PrimoPDF features a clean interface with a variety of settings and configuration options. The blue-colored layout is compact and offers various tools to convert, create, and open a PDF. It also has an information icon that leads to an online page containing FAQs related to the software. While the program is beginner-friendly, most users will find it to be a little outdated. 

How does the PrimoPDF app work?

There are two ways in which PrimoPDF free download works. Once installed, PrimoPDF is visible on your computer as a virtual printer. The reason for this is that once you’re done working on a document, you can click on the Print command and select PrimoPDF from the printer options. Clicking on the print icon will send the file to the app, which will convert it into a PDF file. 

Apart from installing itself as a virtual printer, PrimoPDF for PC also comes with a drag-and-drop feature. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to see a desktop shortcut on your computer. When you want to convert a document, image, or text into a PDF, you just drag the file and drop it into the PrimoPDF app. It’ll go on to automatically convert the file into a PDF as per your default specifications.

What are the features of PrimoPDF?

One of the best parts about downloading PrimoPDF is that it gives you various template options so that the PDF you create via the app is highly optimized. These options let you create a PDF configured for screens, ebooks, prepress, and printers. You can also select the resolution when turning images into PDFs. 

In addition to this, the PrimoPDF app download lets users add information such as author, subject, and title as tags. These tags appear in the document properties section and make for easy identification of the available content. 

In case you want to secure a file, you can use PrimoPDF to add 128-bit encryption. The app lets you create a password to open the document and another for making any administrator changes. You can also add additional protection to a file such that no one can copy the text.

Can PrimoPDF convert PDF files back to Microsoft Office formats?

Yes. If you want to use PrimoPDF to convert a PDF that you’ve just created back to its original format, you can easily do so. Conversion works both ways and in most cases doesn’t cause any issues. However, there may be instances when the formatting may not appear as it was earlier. 

Is PrimoPDF free?

PrimoPDF is a free software program that only comes with limited advertisements. While it is a popular choice for converting documents into PDFs, it hardly provides any advanced features. 

In case you want to check out some alternatives, you should explore apps like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Free PDF Editor, Foxit Reader, and CutePDF

Our take

PrimoPDF download features a clean interface that lets you convert documents, images, and other files into PDFs. You can also use it to select output templates and add a password to secure files. Apart from this, the app doesn’t offer any advanced features.  

Should you download it?

If you want to convert a document or image into a PDF file, you should download PrimoPDF. It’s a beginner-friendly application that offers password protection and template options. The app also provides two ways to create PDFs, both of which make PDF creation a seamless and straightforward process. 


  • Create PDFs from multiple file formats
  • Option to add encryption to new PDFs
  • Has a user-friendly interface


  • Offers limited functionality

PrimoPDFfor Windows

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