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Keep an eye out

Everyone likes free Internet, but why should you be paying for everyone to use yours? Wireless Network Watcher lets you see who’s connected to your WiFi.

Watching your WiFi

Don’t experience slow Internet speeds just because some stranger’s hogging your WiFi. Scan now and find out who’s using your Internet.

You pay for your Internet, you password protect your WiFi, and yet you’re still experiencing slow speeds? Perhaps it’s time to check if anyone’s figured out your old password. Wireless Network Watcher will access your network and show you the devices that are using your Internet.

After a quick scan, you’ll see all the details of any network intruder found, including their IP address, the type of user they are, and their MAC router. However, you may need to scan a few times to ensure all connected devices are listed as Wireless Network Watcher doesn’t always show every connection.

Once a scan completes you’ll see icons next to each device listed, letting you easily identify them. The software is easy to use but offers no way to interact with any intruders using your Internet. There is no way to send a warning message or block a device from your Internet. You’ll either need to do some sleuthing and find out who owns the device or change your router’s password.

Scanning your network won’t use up all your system’s requirements. You’re even able to leave it running in the background as you play a game or watch your favorite YouTuber. Identifying Internet leeches has never been so easy.

Where can you run this program?

Wireless Network Watcher is available for almost every version of Windows operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

No, but if you’d prefer a mobile application there are applications such as Fing which provide the same service. Whichever you choose both can easily identify devices connected to your network.

Our take

Wireless Network Watcher is a must-have software if you suspect anyone is using your Internet and want to find out who it is.

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s a great way to check the security of your WiFi network constantly. If you get low speeds and want to see if it’s because of an intruder.


  • Quick scan of local networks
  • Icon display per device
  • Background scanning


  • No warning function
  • No blocking function
  • Requires multiple scans to be efficient

Program available in other languages

Wireless Network Watcherfor Windows


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