Free WiFi Hotspotfor Windows


Free internet sharing program

Free WiFi Hotspot is a free software tool that turns your Windows desktop or laptop into a functional virtual router. It lets you share the connection to multiple devices, from smartphones to kindles and media players. Apart from WiFi, it supports GPRS and USB tethering.

Easy hotspot

Virtual WiFi routers aren’t that prominent for PCs. Still, several options, such as Connectify and this one, enable widespread connectivity everywhere while cutting down on data costs. 

Free WiFi Hotspot provides the same functionalities as a physical device, only without the hardware requirement. It also enhances WiFi-boosting capabilities, extending the reach and strength of an existing signal.

While it doesn’t compromise on quality, it’s not super powerful. You’ll see some lag in data connection with extended usage on several devices at once.

A flexible program

This software is adaptable enough to satisfy most people’s browsing requirements. In order to use it, download and install it on your device and the wizard will take you through a clear set of prompts to have it running in minutes.

You can share connections with a wide range of devices, no matter the type or operating system. 2G, 3G, 4G networks, USB tethering, and GPRS are all available. The only requirement is that the PC running the hotspot stays online. 

Software-only router

This software helps eliminate the need for any hardware router to establish stable internet connections across your office or household. You won’t even have to install additional drivers on your Windows device. 

The developers made the program 100% free. The only thing they ask for in return is to use some of your devices’ cellular data and WiFi resources when they’re not active. Even so, a visit to the terms of service will show you that it’s completely safe. 

Our take

Overall, this program performs its tasks seamlessly. While it can’t run a high-level connection on numerous devices simultaneously, it caters to an average internet user’s needs.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you find your data costs too high for an additional physical router. This tool serves as a fantastic replacement. You can also try Express VPN if you want to connect to another server in a different country.


  • Easy internet sharing
  • No hardware requirements
  • Free of charge
  • Easy setup
  • Flexible device support


  • Connection instability issues
  • Impractical for larger organizations

Program available in other languages

Free WiFi Hotspotfor Windows

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