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WhoIsConnectedSniffer - Find out who is on your network

WhoIsConnectedSniffer is a development tool designed to make this task easier. It listens to the data moving through your network and creates a detailed list of all connected computers and devices. This tool is very useful for anyone who needs to keep an eye on network traffic and usage, like network admins and tech fans. It is available for Windows users.

How does WhoIsConnectedSniffer work?

WhoIsConnectedSniffer functions by actively listening to network packets circulating within your network environment. It employs a variety of network protocols such as ARP, UDP, DHCP, mDNS, and Browser to detect connected devices. Here’s a breakdown of how this tool brings clarity to network monitoring:

  • Detection of Devices: As soon as a device sends a packet that reaches the network, WhoIsConnectedSniffer captures and analyzes it.
  • Comprehensive Display: The tool then displays detailed information for each detected device, including:
    • IP Address
    • MAC Address
    • Device/Computer Name
    • Operating System
    • Device Description
    • IPv6 Address
    • Network Adapter Company
  • Export Options: All the gathered data can be easily exported into various formats such as tab-delimited, comma-delimited, XML, or HTML files, enabling easy review and record-keeping.

This real-time monitoring and reporting provide users with a thorough understanding of their network's current status, enhancing network management and security measures.

Things you need to know before you download

Before you start using WhoIsConnectedSniffer, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it works well for you:

  • System Compatibility: This tool works with any Windows version from Windows 2000 up to Windows 11 and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  • Required Software: You need to have a specific program installed to help WhoIsConnectedSniffer do its job:
    • Npcap capture driver (this is the new version of the old WinPcap)
    • Network Monitor driver
  • Other Important Points:
    • Network Limits: The tool can't see devices on different network segments.
    • Device Activity: Devices must be active and sending data to be detected by this tool.

Knowing these details will help you get ready to use WhoIsConnectedSniffer and make the most of its features.

WhoIsConnectedSniffer is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to understand better and manage the devices on their network. It’s easy to set up and provides detailed information that can help you keep your network safe and running smoothly. 


  • Does the job quickly without any hiccups
  • Shows who is connected to your network


  • Hard to sign up outside India

Program available in other languages

WhoIsConnectedSnifferfor Windows


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