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MiTeC Network Scanner Review

Scan your IP network and protect your computer

MiTeC Network Scanner is a free multi-threaded ICMP, Port, IP, NetBIOS, ActiveDirectory, and SNMP scanner. Designed for users and administrators looking to increase their computer security, MiTeC Network Scanner’s advanced features and tools help perform ping sweeps, TCP and UDP port scans, and more to identify active devices on your network and keep it safe.

Similar to other network scanners like Port Scanner and LAN Scan - Network Scanner, MiTeC manages your network and ensures only the ports you need are open.

Easy scanning of your IP

Between advanced features and a clear and concise user-friendly interface, MiTeC Network Scanner makes it easy to scan the range of an IP, Active Directory, and the network, as well as a user-defined adapter. It doesn’t take much time either; after a simple scan, MiTeC Network Scanner quickly shows each and every IP address as well as a variety of useful details, such as the MAC address, CPU information, operating system, username, and domain.

Comprehensive network scanning

Even though scanning your network with MiTeC is easy, it’s especially thorough and detailed. Within the preference menu, you can determine how comprehensively you want the program to scan your network, selecting options like SNMP, WMI, and Registry. You’ll also find a host of details in the Advanced Device Explorer. See the software that’s installed, the performance counter, and the dashboard.

A useful addition to your security setup

For administrators and users with the more advanced knowledge of a system administrator, MiTeC Network Scanner is a complete network scanning solution that can enhance their security. Thanks to its advanced features, thorough scanning capabilities, and accessible user interface, MiTeC Network Scanner does the job of several software applications in one easy-to-use program.

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MiTeC Network Scannerfor Windows


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