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With users of over 4 million, Parler, the rapid-growing free-speech app, is becoming a phenomenon in the world of social media. John Matze released it back in August 2018. It’s still much smaller than large apps like Facebook, but it has only been around for a short time. 

Navigating Parler

The free app has a lot of different interesting topics to search through. These topics range from politics, entertainment, news, sports, and many other random discussions. With real-time interactive communities, Parler is an excellent way to make new friends, learn new things, and debate. You can also just enjoy the myriad of content heading your way.

It’s not limited to text. Parler boasts support for gifts, videos, photos, and many other types of engaging content. You can even interact with posts made by your community leaders to delve into some interesting discussion. 

How Parler came to be

As a result of censorship done by Twitter during the 2020 election phase, conservative Americans became dissatisfied. They were searching for a place where they can freely share their opinions. This is how Parler grew in fame. Many right-winged famous people began publicly proclaiming the app on the breaking news for its usefulness in this regard.

The fact that the app’s primary purpose has always been free speech made the decision very easy for conservatives. Bear in mind that this social media platform is not only for political discussion, even though that’s what brought it to fame.

Useful features

Being able to customize your profile is always great, and with Parler, not a problem. You can edit your profile description, photo, location, and background photo. When verified, your profile will also boast a red badge icon indicating that you are a real person. They give those with large followings gold badges.

Our take

We appreciate what Parler is offering to the public. Its verification system adds to its legitimacy by preventing bots from joining. It’s a great place where users support unbiased speech and encourage intellectual discussion.

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s a fantastic platform for users to be able to share their thoughts comfortably.


  • It’s growing quickly
  • The app is free to use


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