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FastStone Image Viewer is a free application to view and manage your pictures using a variety of tools. The app features a few options to edit an image or convert its filetype to one of the many supported file types. Overall, the app is easy to use. However, the interface for the application is a bit dated.

View your images

The primary use for FastStone Image Viewer is to view images using a slideshow or other methods seamlessly. As you can put the application into full-screen, there's no issue viewing your saved images. There are over 150 different transitional effects for the slideshow mode.

Convert files

FastStone Image Viewer includes the option to convert your picture’s file type to one of the many popular formats. The feature is handy if you’re trying to organize photo albums or share your picture with someone on a different device.

Supports all major imaging platforms

FastStone Image Viewer supports all major imaging platforms and file types, making it easy for you to change any picture. As the file type is changeable, you can edit the final version and select a new type that loads better on other devices. Some of the supported file types include JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and EPS.

Edit pictures

FastStone Image Viewer includes the option to edit your pictures within the application. The available tools include the option to remove the red-eye, resize, crop, and adjust the color of your picture. The array of tools is small, but for basic editing the tools are perfect.

Full-screen mode

Using full-screen mode is a great way to show off your album and its many moving images. This mode is intuitive, making it easy to enter and view your collection of pictures. Additionally, you can view images with EXIF information from the fullscreen mode.

Our take

FastStone Image Viewer is a decent application for viewing images that’s safe to use and download. There are many alternatives, such as HoneyView and Imagine Picture Viewer, that offers similar features. Additionally, the app supports many of the popular image formats and animated options such as gifs.

Should you download it?

No. While FastStone Image Viewer is a great application, there are better alternatives available for Windows 10.


  • Browse your images with ease
  • Convert image files
  • Edit your pictures
  • Supports all major graphical formats


  • Older interface is hard to navigate

FastStone Image Viewerfor Windows


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