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Find out your credit score

Improve financial literacy with Credit Karma app. The finance app gives you updated reports on your credit score as well as any activities or transactions in your accounts. Additional services like finding unclaimed money are waiting to be discovered.

Stay on top of your finances 

Credit Karma will being you independence and more control to your finances.

The primary function of Credit Karma is its credit score report, which takes its data from two reliable sources: TransUnion and Equifax. All reports are up-to-date and are useful for keeping track of your score. The app uses balances, inquiries, and other transactions to create your report.

Credit Karma also helps you find loans and insurance deals that suit what you're looking for. It also offers assistance for improving your score with financial articles and guides. This includes a Credit Score Simulator, which shows you what factors affect your score. Just keep in mind though that the reports are approximations and should not be treated as set in stone.

A good point about this app is that the credit score report, along with deal recommendations, are free. The bad side? You won't have all the data from TransUnion or Equifax. In order for you to have a full report, you'll have to pay for the service from either bureau.

Credit monitor

The financial software lets you keep a close eye on your accounts by keeping them all in one place. You can easily track your loans and other finances with the app

Credit Karma can also help you find unclaimed money that you are entitled to receive. The software will go through state databases to identify businesses that may owe you money. Who knows? Maybe if you're lucky, you'll be delightfully surprised.

Secured connection

The app asks permission to use personal data such as your address and social security number. Credit Karma makes sure that your data is safe with its 128-bit encryption connection. This stronghold feature will prevents most hackers from accessing your info.

Additionally, you can set a two-factor authentication code to your Credit Karma account. The additional layer of security makes it harder for criminals from getting your data.

Where can you run this program?

Credit Karma is compatible with Android phones, tablets, and similar devices. The app even has an Apple version that is compatible with iOS 10.0 or better.

Is there a better alternative?

A good alternative to Credit Karma is WalletHub. The mobile app can provide a credit score report on your account and will monitor all activities on it. WalletHub can also recommend loans and other offers based on your credit information.

Our take

The truth about Credit Karma is that it does its job well. While it does not facilitate all your credit information, it is free and useful for estimates.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you need to know your current credit score. It also works well as a financial educational tool when it comes to improving your credit score.


  • Credit score report
  • Monitors credit
  • 128-bit encryption connection
  • Simplifies tax filing


  • Only one credit report
  • Requires use of sensitive information
  • Issues of report inaccuracy

Program available in other languages

Credit Karmafor Android


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