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ConnectWise Mobile, IT in your pocket

ConnectWise Mobile is a mobile app for Android and Apple devices, created by Connect Wise. The app lets you request remote IT support for businesses globally; it’s all about quality service. They promise to deliver multiple management tools for small to large companies from the day-to-day runnings. The competition is tough in the IT world, but receiving excellent service is rare. 

The offer list

ConnectWise can help you manage your business with the following:

  1. Improve internal communication
    Manage all your disconnects to help improve your internal communication. Keeping teams in the know and in sync helps to increase management confidence, all to keep customers happy. 

  2. Enhance customer experience
    Boosting customer satisfaction is vital for any successful company. You can use the ConnectWise customer portal for effective customer care. 

  3. Experience peace of mind
    Give the management team visibility of your services and sales to help them become more aware and efficient. This is to make sure your day-to-day tasks run well. 

  4. Increase revenue and decrease costs
    Let ConnectWise deal with procurements, time, and billing to improve company revenue and save on costs. 


Something new for everyone

Unlike its competitors, LogMeIn (paid app), and Pulseway (freemium app), ConnectWise has an extra feature called ‘Time entry,’ a time tracking system that helps you monitor employee shifts. You no longer have to worry about additional expenses or hassle when employees forget to clock in or out. This system works like a stopwatch and tracks time spent on tasks.  

Key features and benefits

Connect with the help desk to assist you with all your issues, and if they can’t assist, they’ll open a ticket and assign it to the respective teams to resolve it. Everybody needs a little push to do better and ConnectWise gives all its customers that extra push. 

To join ConnectWise, you can obtain a free trial. After your initial trial ends, you can choose one of three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Our take

ConnectWise is impressive and has everything a business requires to run. This mobile app can benefit your company.  

Should you download it?

Yes. The final decision is yours, so all we can say is that this app is fantastic and will take your company to the next level. And even if you have doubts, you can always use the free trial and then decide if it’s a fit for your company. 


  • Top of the line customization and branding
  • Free plan and flexible pricing options
  • Exceptional security
  • Extensive and efficient customer service
  • Robust remote capabilities
  • Built for modern remote assistance
  • Perfect designs for team collaboration


  • Full service is paid

ConnectWise Mobilefor Android


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