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A free and popular Nintendo emulator

Citra is a free emulator designed to run popular Nintendo 2D and 3D games on Windows computers. With its help, you can play several games in high definition. In fact, the emulator allows you to enhance the graphics so much so that the games have a higher resolution than the console. It also ensures a seamless gaming experience by letting users run popular games at 60 frames per second

When you download Citra for Windows, you will be able to see two screens at one time - one for gaming and the other to complete other tasks. You can even play games on full screen and switch between the two using an assigned hotkey. The app lets you map keyboard and mouse controls for a fun and enjoyable gaming experience. A few similar emulators that let you play games available on different platforms are DeSmuME, Remix OS Player, MEmu, and Steam

What is the purpose of Citra?

In the past few years, game emulation has allowed users to play games that they played in their childhood. These games were often only available on consoles like Nintendo, GameBoy, and PSP. However, with technological advancements in emulation, all of the popular games have made a comeback. Citra emulator for Windows is one such emulator that lets users play Nintendo 3DS games

Developed by GitHub and first released in 2014, the Citra emulator is one of the most popular Nintendo emulators in the market. The latest version of the software offers high-quality graphics and improved compatibility. It can also emulate original sounds to provide users with a thrilling gaming experience. 

Does Citra have a simple interface?

One of the best parts about downloading Citra for Windows is that it offers a clean and simple interface. To run a game on Citra, all you need to do is load the available ROM, and the game will begin. You can also configure various aspects of the game so that the emulation is as per your preference. 

What are the features of Citra emulator?

As mentioned above, Citra is a Nintendo emulator that can run popular games at maximum speed and with higher image quality. When it comes to graphics, Citra provides better resolution than the original console. It can run both 2D and 3D Nintendo games, but the application shines through when it plays the latter. 

With regards to controls, Citra APK lets you easily map keyboard and mouse controls with any external gamepad that you have. Touchscreen controls can also be configured to provide enhanced gameplay. The application is also open-source and one of the most advanced Nintendo emulators available in the market. 

The only drawback to Citra is that it doesn’t provide users with any games. Instead, users need to search and download ROMs of the games they wish to play from the internet. These ROMs then have to be decrypted before they can run. While requires some technical knowledge, but Citra features support documents to make things easier. 

Is Citra a safe emulator?

Citra is one of the best emulators you can download to run Nintendo 3DS games. The application features a simple design and doesn’t come bundled with any malware or virus.

Our take

Once you complete the Citra emulator download for Windows, you’re able to play almost all popular Nintendo games. It’s a great choice considering that developers have created an emulator that offers a better gaming experience by providing high-quality resolution and improved models and textures. With its help, you can run games of yesteryears at maximum speed. Finding compatible ROMs isn’t difficult either, as a lot of them are easily available online. 

Should you download it?

If you’re interested in playing Nintendo 3DS games, download Citra. The popular emulator enhances the overall gaming experience by letting you play thousands of gaming titles at higher resolution. Having said that, users need to know that the app doesn’t offer games. Instead, users must download ROMs from the internet. To run these files, you must also decrypt them beforehand. 

Nevertheless, once you get accustomed to finding and decrypting ROM files, you’ll easily be able to play any popular Nintendo game on Citra. The application is one of the most stable and functional emulators and quite popular amongst Windows users. It also lets you map keyboard and mouse controls to an external gamepad. 


  • Lets users play Nintendo games
  • Provides better graphics than the console
  • Option to run games at maximum speed


  • Users need to download ROMs from the internet

Citrafor Windows

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