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WAMPServer: automatic web server installation

WAMPServer is a package that installs all the necessary components to run a dynamic web server from a Windows computer, including database and scripting language.

Everything in one install

There are many components to a fully-featured web server, from the server software itself to database systems and scripting languages for creating dynamic content. WAMPServer includes Apache web server, a MySQL database, and PHP for the scripting language, all installed in one neat package. Also included is PHPMyAdmin, a PHP-based tool that allows users to manage their MySQL database through a user-friendly web-based interface.

Easy to install and setup

In addition to being very simple to install—all the individual components are installed as though they were one homogenous package—most of the settings a user might need to modify can be easily accessed using regular menus, rather than having to modify config files and use terminal commands. This makes WAMPServer more suitable for developers who aren’t necessarily familiar with that side of things.

Our take

WAMPServer is an excellent development tool, allowing developers to quickly set up a web server that they can deploy their web applications to and test things like website design and dynamic website features easily, and from the comfort of a local machine. It is not entirely beginner-friendly, however, as the documentation for WAMPServer can be a little light.

Should you download it?

If you just need a server to develop on, WAMPServer is an excellent choice. If you are more experienced and need more flexibility, you might want to consider setting up your server from scratch, though you will need to get each component (like Apache) individually. Alternatively, you could try XAMPP, a similar all-in-one server solution.


  • All components are easily installed as though they were one application
  • Includes PHPMyAdmin for easier database management
  • Server settings can be modified through user-friendly menus


  • Geared towards PHP, and would be less suitable for developers of other languages
  • Documentation is not very thorough

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WAMPServerfor Windows


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