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Xiaomi's free web browser

Mi Browser is Xiaomi's free built-in web browser. Like Silk Browser for Amazon devices, it comes pre-installed on any Mi device. However, unlike many simple default internet searching tools on devices, this one has a few valuable features to keep people from downloading others like Chrome.

For example, Mi Browser's main feature is the ability to download videos from social media. However, while it offers features like an incognito mode and saves browsing data, the APK doesn't have the extra privacy features like CM Browser does or isn't even as sleek as Opera on mobile.

Feature highlights

The Mi Browser is advertised as the ultimate web browser for your Xiaomi device. It indeed has a few exciting characteristics to show off. One of them is the video download from social media and the ability to save the WhatsApp statuses of your friends.

Another enticing feature about the Mi Browser app is the voice search, which can prove helpful in various situations. The instant translation is also useful for international markets like Russia, India, and Indonesia.

How to permanently delete the MI browser? 

This is one of the most asked questions regarding the browser, especially after the privacy issues in the past. You can use one of the two deleting options: from the smartphone and from the desktop. The second option, from the desktop, can be harmful to the phone, so we don't recommend it.

To remove the app by smartphone, go to the ‘Apps’ section in your settings, select 'Manage apps', choose all the programs you want to remove, and tap 'Uninstall all'.

Our take

Like many built-in browsers, you cannot get rid of it if you own a Xiaomi device. While it has many useful features like social media video download, reading mode, and voice search, it doesn't come close to other browsers in speed and convenience.

Should I download it?

No. If your Android device doesn't come with the program pre-installed, we wouldn't recommend installing it due to the privacy issues in the past and unclear permission requirements.


  • Internet browsing in regular and incognito modes
  • File management
  • Video download from social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Data saving, reading, and dark modes
  • Translation and voice search


  • Too many permissions for storage data, identity, location, etc

Program available in other languages

Mi Browserfor Android


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