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Privacy online has turned into a growing preoccupation while surfing the web. Until now. The latest launch of Brave browser is tackling the issue to assure internet users of  top online security. With the navigator, you don’t have to be afraid of data tracking or third-party cookies any longer. Brave uses open-source technology Chromium to promise quicker and safer internet browsing. Do you have what it takes to brave the unfamiliar? Take a leap of faith and download the program. There may just be real treasures that await you.

Rapid browsing, ultimate data privacy

No more third-party cookies. Brave is your top choice for a safe and rewarding online experience.

Thanks to ad blocking features, Brave navigator delivers a unique internet experience. Just click through Settings to customize Shields (an ad blocker), Social Media Blocking, and Privacy and Security to surf the web with no internet drag. Its speed is so impressive that Brave can load pages 2x quicker on desktop than strong competitors Chrome and Firefox. No installations. Less management extensions. The moment has arrived to reap the benefits of instant online browsing.

Don’t confuse high speed with less security though.  The ad-free browsing keeps your data and privacy away from those invasive third parties. Great, isn’t it? Almost unbelievable. But, with just a mere click on the Brave icon, you can see the numerous ads, trackers, and scripts blocked over time. Finally there exists a browser where your data is yours to control. No surprise there, given that Brave is committed to promising a secure, personalized online experience. It is one of the many other attractive features, which is helping pave way for the internet brand to carve a niche in the market.

Of course, for those who opt for customized browsing, there are preferences available to make changes. Users can tinker with Settings to turn Shields off for specific websites or activate Fingerprinting Protection. This latter feature makes it challenging for websites to track you while you surf the web. Sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, it is still in the early development stage and does not exist for all platforms. Also, it is worth mentioning that while there is more protection, there is a higher likelihood of display issues for certain websites. The silver lining though,is that Brave holds true to its mission and seeks to protect users’ data from all angles. The browser boasts a beta-run feature entitled Brave Sync to encrypt and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks. Your data is not once decrypted and your privacy is always kept.

Malware and privacy invasion are pressing concerns for any internet users in today’s current online climate. And Brave gets it. For that reason, the browser goes above and beyond, and performs the tasks that other browsers have yet to do. Brave refuses to send your data to the cloud. It serves as the middle-man between you and advertisers to send only non-identifiable data about whether an ad has been seen. The best part? Brave even promises a reward program that pays you a fraction of revenue to rally support to the creators and publishers you like. Your time is important; Brave knows that. Now it’s time that advertisers do too. The Brave rewards program offers many incentives. When you view private ads in Brave Rewards, 70% of the ad revenue goes directly to you. Note that this feature is only available to desktop users though. Mobile integration is around the corner according to the creators of this particular browser.

Where can you run this program?

Brave can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.

Is there a better alternative?

Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are decent substitutions for Brave. Chrome and Edge are good with respect to basic browser functions. Chrome is compatible with a higher number of add-ons when compared to Brave; however, Brave does support many similar extensions because it is based on Chromium. In terms of speed, you can’t ignore the main selling point of the browser. Brave does exceedingly much better than other internet navigators. 2x faster on desktop and 8x faster on mobile devices. There’s just no stopping the up-and-coming browser.

Brave also has the upper hand in ad blocking. Ads can be a hassle and invite unwanted data tracking or even malware. The fact that there is a browser that eliminates that from the get-go is just refreshing.

Brave’s secure browsing is also another plus, given that its main aim is to protect your safety on-line and keep your data private. Its backed-up security, fingerprint protection, and lack of tracking makes for this browser to be the best choice for online activities.

If there is one main worry about the navigator, it‘s that Brave is still rather young in the market. The browser may run into issues with its current business model with advertisers and internet users, and even see potential glitches online as it tests beta programs and makes updates.

Our take

Its many perks exceed any possible risks or glitches that could occur due to its early-stage status.

Should you download it?

Yes, do it. This browser supports a great number secure features, like HTTPS upgrading and cookie controls, and promises that your online browsing remains private and customized. Brave browser is promising, especially provided that data breaches happen more and more. It minimizes the possibility of invasive malware and hacking to shield internet users from those pesky online threats.


  • Faster loading times than Chrome and Firefox
  • Unparalleled ad blocking
  • Committed to data privacy
  • Contributes to blockchain tech


  • Recently created browser
  • Lacks compatability with some add-ons
  • Fingerprinting protection may cause display issues

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