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The client for fan favorites

Blizzard is an interactive game client that enables users to store their favorite Blizzard games like World of Warcraft, Diablo II, and more through one simple to use desktop application. also acts as a communication tool, allowing users to interact with other players online. While developed by Blizzard, other games from various branches, like Destiny 2, are available to play. is a requirement for some Blizzard games, meaning if you enjoy games from the developer, you'll likely already have the application installed. An alternative to is Steam

Intuitive UI has recently undergone a complete UI overhaul to bring the design into a more modern age. Previously, the social component of the launcher was separated from the game overview, meaning you had to continuously flick between the tabs if you want to see what your friends are playing. Now, the social view is added to the right of the client in one view. 

Similarly, these changes made finding the game you want to play - or purchase - that much easier by giving access to your games and shop through quick-select buttons at the top of the client. With plenty of filter options, players will find the games they want quickly and with ease. 

Blizzard has also incorporated a game logo bar at the top of your library, allowing you to quickly select the game you're looking for by hovering over its logo. An intuitive step that greatly amplifies the user experience. 

Additional Sign-ins 

A notable negative to the client is that it requires additional sign-in details to access, a step necessary for security, but a requirement that forces users to store different logins and passwords on top of the other account details needed to play their various games. 

Incorporating additional sign-in requirements can negatively impact some players if their account details become compromised. Losing access also means not being able to play their purchased games and leaving their confidential information open for attack. 

How can you use

As Blizzard has been around for more than a decade, including, they have made sure that users can access the launcher from both Windows and Mac. Despite this being the case, Mac users may still find that some games are unavailable, given that the Mac library of games, in general, is significantly smaller than the available games for Windows.

How safe is

Blizzard is one of the most reputable developers currently. Given their long track record of providing great experiences for the community, it's safe to say that their launcher is virus-free

However, that doesn't mean there aren't safety issues, especially when the client also contains social elements. Users may encounter other players in games and add them to their account, allowing them to communicate with these players directly through the client and build relationships. 

Players need to consider that not everyone will be who they say they are, and under no circumstance should they share any account details with anyone, not even those close to them. Doing so puts the account at significant risk of being hacked or tampered with, which can't be prevented by the launcher if someone successfully logs into your account. 

Is there an alternative to

There is no direct alternative to aside from purchasing cross-system games through another provider. For example, users can download and play Call of Duty through or purchase and play through Steam

The option to change launchers may not be applicable for all games found on as Blizzard wants to retain the exclusivity on their first-party games like World of Warcraft.

Our take?

Blizzard continues to update and provides many features that appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Both types of gamers can enjoy the social chat features, and can also benefit from the ease of use and quality of life additions to find the games they want easier. 

Should you download it?

Downloading might not be a consideration for some players depending on the game. If you want to play an exclusive Blizzard game, chances are you'll need to have to be able to run it. 

However, users can consider looking towards an alternative like Steam if the game they want isn't available. The reason behind this is that Steam has multiple features not currently accessible through


  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Great game library
  • Social and chat features


  • Additional login required
  • Mandatory for some games
  • Community support appears lacking

Blizzard Battle.netfor Windows

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