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Electronic Arts have gone to tremendous effort to ensure that its gaming platforms match the likes of Steam and Ubisoft connect. It changed former brands EA Access and Origin to EA Play as a subscription service that connects to PC, console, and mobile gaming platforms. In September 2020, it announced the launch of its EA Desktop App.

What is the EA Desktop App?

The app is a PC platform for Windows designed for the next generation of gamers. It lets you access all your Electronic Arts games in a central location, while you can also launch any title straight from the client. There are various Playtime Controls that set it apart from similar applications, giving you an overview of your friends’ activity.

Is EA Origin going away?

Mike Blank, EA senior vice president, informed players that the Origin brand is vanishing. The EA Desktop App is a complete overhaul of the former Origin client with a sleek new appearance and interface. Together with the new EA Play subscription service, it’s clear that the game publishing company is set for new objectives in the next few years.

How to download, install, and update the EA Desktop app

You can download the new EA Desktop App from our link. Once the file saves on your PC, you can open the installation wizard and install it on a storage device. You’ll need to set preferences and give the platform a chance to synchronize with your EA Play account. When it’s complete, you can link it to your existing games or download new ones.

Our take

The EA Desktop App is a step in the right direction for Electronic Arts, albeit it could have picked a more exciting name for the application. The interface is more modern and provides better functionality than Origin. Download speeds and game performance also appear to have improved.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you have an EA Play account or owned Origin before the rebranding. If you’re interested in cross-play between different devices, you should consider downloading and installing the platform.


  • Provides access to all EA titles
  • Presents a sleek interface
  • Improves game performance
  • Includes cross-play functionality


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    EA Desktop Appfor Windows

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