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Developed by Narvii Inc. developers Ying Wang and Ben Anderson back in 2014, Amino: Communities and Chats lets you connect with like-minded people from across the globe. The app is beneficial for filling friendship voids and boasts tons of cool features that keep the communities incredibly fun and interactive.

Setting up a profile 

If you’d like to join communities, you’ll have to set up a personal profile. Once you set your details, you can follow and get followers, create a bio, create stories, post on your wall, and of course, become a part of a community. 

Becoming part of a community 

There are tons of different communities to join for basically anything. You can search for them or use the discover feature at the bottom left corner of your screen. This feature will recommend them based on your interests. 

When you’re in one, you can do tons of different things. You can kick back and enjoy the videos, blogs, fan-art, and tons of other content that the community creates if you want to. You can also take part in quizzes, enjoy some memes, roleplay with other members, and participate in live text or voice chats. 

Of course, like any other social media app, you need to exercise some common sense. Don’t share deeply personal information, and be careful who you talk to on the app. Although rated 12+, profanity, sexual language, as well as drug and alcohol references, are not uncommon. 

Making your community 

Of course, if you feel like the community you’re looking for isn’t there, or if the ones that are there are lacking, you can make your own. You should remember that those with the most members always appear first in the search.

Our take

Amino can be great fun, but exercise caution, like you, would with any online platform. That said, you’ll love the variety of creative content that you can find there. It helps you explore your interests a lot more, and as a bonus, make some friends along the way. It isn’t shutting down any time soon.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should download it if you’re old enough and want to join some great communities.


  • Great communities
  • Fun roleplay
  • Tons of great arts


  • Various technical issues

Program available in other languages

Aminofor Android


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