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YMusicfor Android



Free background player for YouTube

YMusic is a free application that allows you to play YouTube videos and music while browsing on your Android phone. One main reason third-party YT video players exists, like YMusic, is to be able to play videos and music in the background. While Mi Browser, NewPipe, and Vanced are a few apps with this functionality, YMusic has extra advantages.

For example, the app has a great ‘music library’ feature, where it retrieves the artist and album information from the music website ‘’. This makes it easy to search list of songs, thus acting as a music player. In addition, this feature also makes smart playlists and home screen widgets.

Slow network - no problem

The top feature of YMusic is its ability to play any video from YouTube with a slow internet connection. The app also claims 90% of data savings is due to the compression algorithm

Artist and album integration for easier search

As mentioned earlier, another great feature of YMusic is the automatic detection of the artist and album information. This information is available to you in a music library which makes the app a fun experience as you don’t have to make manual changes to the song titles and even arrange them.

Customization and AI

The app also learns your habits due to its powerful AI. It delivers intelligent playlists and makes suggestions, pulling content based on your taste and location. You can also search for trending videos and watch them ad-free.

Last but not least, you can choose customize equalizers and bend the app interface to your taste with 80+ color schemes.

Our take

YMusic is a safe application and operates without privacy issues. However, there was one instance of an ‘unauthorized messaging’ alert that came from Google. Luckily, this was fixed quickly by the developer. If you decide this is the app for you, we recommend that you download the YMusic APK from its official site.

Should I download it?

Yes. If you enjoy creating a cohesive music library on your Android and downloading content for offline enjoyment, then we recommend this app for you.


  • Low data usage (up to 90% data savings)
  • Background player for slow network connection
  • Download video content from YouTube in various formats, including MP3
  • Automatic detection of the artist and album
  • Smart playlists


  • An issue with 'unauthorized messaging'

YMusicfor Android


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