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A free plant identification app

PlantNet Plant Identification is a free tool that identifies a plant’s species through a photo. The app acts as a handy tool for gardening or any fan of nature. The APK provides a suitable method to find out what flower you’re looking at. The application’s database contains over 20,000 different species.

However, many other photograph identifiers for plants exist, such as iNaturalist, Garden Answers Plant ID, and PlantSnap. All apps direct you to an expansive database of the plants to scan and compare against.

Free and in your pocket

PlantNet Plant Identification is a free app that you can download with ease. The software is a handy tool to have, and it works from your mobile device, making it highly portable. With a single picture, you’ll know what you’ve planted, picked, or found growing in your garden.

Only a photo

The PlantNet Plant Identification app only needs a single picture to identify a plant. However, if you scan more images of the plant, the app's results become more accurate. The option to add new angles is essential, as many plants look similar yet have minor differences.

Over 20,000 recognizable species

The PlantNet Plant Identification APK can recognize over 20,000 different species of plants. This number is far from the total amount of flora on the planet, as there are over 360,000 species of plants on Earth. However, the app is slowly updating to include new information in its database.


PlantNet Plant Identification is a highly informative app that tells you everything you need to know about a specific plant. It provides links to external sources and lists the genus and family of a particular species. The app also geo-tags your plant scans and communicates with other users online to show the species’ sighting frequencies in the surrounding area.

Our take

Overall, PlantNet Plant Identification is an excellent application to explore outdoors. It helps you find out what a plant is and provides detailed information on that species. A favorites section makes information on frequently seen flora quickly available.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a handy app while gardening or out in nature, this is an excellent tool for identifying many varieties of plants.


  • Free
  • Identify plants with just a photo
  • Able to recognise over 20,000 species
  • Packed full of information
  • Plant geo-tagging location


  • Long way from identifying all of the plant species on Earth

Program available in other languages

PlantNet Plant Identificationfor Android


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