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XMEye VMS - Cloud-supported surveillance

Security is crucial, whether it’s for your home or business. That’s where XMEye VMS comes in—it’s a smart tool that helps you keep an eye on your property through video surveillance. This software works with many different cameras and DVR systems, making it a versatile choice for managing and monitoring your security setups. This app is available for Windows PCs.

Useful features

XMEye VMS packs a punch with features that make it stand out as a top-notch surveillance tool:

  • Remote Monitoring: You can watch live video from your cameras from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. This is great for people who need to keep tabs on their property while away.
  • Playback and Recording: The software allows you to record video and play it back later. This is useful for reviewing what happened at your property at a later time.
  • Multi-Device Support: You can manage several cameras at once, even if they are from different brands. This is perfect for larger setups needing coverage from multiple angles.
  • Motion Detection: XMEye VMS can detect movement and either start recording or send you an alert. This helps you stay on top of any suspicious activity without having to watch the video constantly.
  • Cloud Support: The software uses cloud technology to store your video data, which means you can access your recordings from anywhere and know they’re safe and sound.

Easy to use

XMEye VMS is also designed to be straightforward to set up and use:

  • Installation and Setup: First, install the software and log into your account. This sets the stage for everything else.
  • Adding Devices: Adding cameras is easy. Go to the System menu, click 'Device', then 'Zone List', and 'Add Area'. Name your area, and follow the prompts to add your cameras.
  • Device Connectivity: When adding a camera, you’ll need its IP address. You might need to search for it or enter it manually. Remember to disable any antivirus software or firewalls temporarily when setting up to avoid installation issues.
  • Video Encryption: All videos you download are encrypted, meaning they can only be played back in the XMEye media player, adding an extra layer of security.

With simple steps to get you started and keep going, XMEye VMS ensures that even those new to tech can manage their surveillance system with ease. Its user-friendly approach, combined with powerful surveillance features, makes it an excellent choice for safeguarding your space.


  • Cloud technologies
  • Supports 64 devices


  • Requires you to turn off antivirus

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XMEye VMSfor Windows

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