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A free Android emulator for Windows

Andy is a free Android emulator designed to give a full-fledged smartphone experience on a Windows PC. The application breaks the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, giving you access to thousands of Android apps right on your computer.

The Andy app gives users unlimited storage, PC compatibility, and the ability to use most smartphone applications on a desktop or laptop. The program also synchronizes multiple operations between your devices.

Offers an immersive Android experience on PC

Andy download gives access to a wide range of Android apps in full-screen mode. The software has been developed to give users an immersive experience. It shows up in a resizable window right next to your native Windows apps. Compared to BlueStacks, GameLoop, MEmu, and other similar tools, many users consider Andy as a more hassle-free emulator for Windows. It lets you run mobile games and apps in a sandboxed, customized build of Android.

What about the interface?

Once you launch the app on your PC, you’ll notice the standard Android home screen. You just simply swipe the padlock or use the mouse for a click-and-drag mechanism. On the first launch, you’ll have to go through the basic Android on PC setup, which will require you to connect the Google account to the Andy app.

Unlike a usual emulator for Windows, the Andy app doesn’t force you to run the programs in either a fixed-size window or a full-screen mode. You can conveniently resize the app window as per your preference. If you hover the PC mouse at the bottom of the screen, the tool gives you some useful options to switch between portrait and landscape mode. 

Additionally, it lets you select the camera and mic hardware you want to use. The Android emulator’s simple interface doesn’t disappoint, and even beginners can start using the program without any technical skills or knowledge.

What can you do with Andy?

The primary objective of Andy download is to support games for Android on PCs. The program is not only compatible with PlayStation and Xbox controllers, but gives you the option to use a smartphone as a gamepad. In the beginning, you might find it difficult to get a hang of the toolkit, since the interface isn’t really intuitive. 

However, it comes with some advanced features, which receive praise from fans and followers. For instance, this emulator for Windows lets you use a smartphone as a controller to play your favorite games wirelessly.

While other similar programs only let you emulate individual Android apps over a customized interface, Andy gives a full-fledged Android experience. In other words, you can run all the applications available in the Play Store. The program also supports app side-loading, notifications, rooting, etc.

Andy is a great choice for hardcore or heavy Android users. The application is customizable in multiple ways. It has been designed on the open-source Oracle VM VirtualBox and runs like a virtual machine on your Windows PC. 

For using Android on PC, the app allocates dedicated RAM to make everything run faster. Additionally, it lets you root the Android OS, so you have several customization options at your disposal. You can also install customized ROMs and change the appearance with a different launcher.

Is Andy free to use?

The Andy app is free to use, and works like an emulator for your Windows computer. It gives you a complete experience of Android on your PC. Since the program comes with multiple customization options, it allows greater flexibility. If you can bear with the complicated installation process, and have good enough RAM and CPU resources, the Andy app will prove to be an excellent choice.

Our take

While the application doesn’t have an intuitive interface, it offers more flexibility, customizations, and an immersive Android experience. Due to smooth functioning and faster speed, you won’t really have to worry about the occasional bugs or crashes. The program is completely free and doesn’t require a subscription or payment. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Android emulators out there.

Should you download it?

The Andy download will need about 8GB RAM on your system to work properly. So, you can only use it with newer Windows operating systems. For older hardware configurations, you might experience some lags while running heavy-duty games. Having said that, Andy is an excellent choice for running all kinds of Android apps, games, and other content modules on your Windows computer


  • Comes with full Android interface
  • Syncs everything with the smartphone
  • Supports push notifications for apps
  • Offers multiple customizations


  • Occasional crashes and lags

Andyfor Windows


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