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A free TV streaming service

Voot is a free application with a paid subscription that lets you watch countless hours of Indian content. It includes reality shows, drama, fantasy, TV channels, and more. The app features a clean and easily navigated user interface but does show advertisements as well.

Hours of content

Voot is filled with a lot of content that’ll keep you binge-watching for days on end. The available shows include some of the newest originals from Bengali, Shock Ahlad, Marzi, and more. You can also find international series and icons such as Top Gear, Masterchef USA with Gordon Ramsey, America’s Got Talent, and many more including documentaries.


The application uses a clear and straightforward interface similar to Netflix, with the features and recommended shows on side-scrolling bars. However, if you’re looking for any specific show, you can access the search bar and see all the relevant results. You can Chromecast your stream directly from the app’s main page.

Payment plans

The Voot application isn’t ad-free as you would expect. While staying free, you can watch a limited amount of shows with ad-support. However, you can remove these advertisements with a monthly subscription. Voot Select, the subscription, is the only way to access all the application content.


Voot is only available in India, with no support for any other locations. However, using a VPN can quickly correct this issue and let you watch your favorite Indian shows. Using an alternative application is often easier and cheaper.

TV channels

Aside from the regular series that most streaming platforms offer, you can watch Indian television with the Voot Select premium subscription. This includes channels such as MTV, Comedy Central, and Stream Colors TV. All of these are live, letting you watch along with the rest of the world.

Our take

Voot is an excellent streaming service, making it an Indian alternative to your local Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, to make this service work, you need a VPN as the application only works in India. Ultimately, you’re left with a few minor advertisements for almost endless content.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy Indian shows of Bollywood movies, it’s a great application to install. However, you'll need a VPN as well.


  • Thousands of hours of content
  • Live TV channels


  • Ad supported

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