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The Chosen is a free application that allows you to watch the series within the app. The application will enable you to watch the entire series for free, streaming it to your iPhone or TV. The series is a Christian story about the life of Jesus.

Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the shows are all biblical, relating to many areas of the Bible centering around Jesus. The application seamlessly delivers the episodes, allowing you to engage with the characters no matter where you are.

Full episodes

The Chosen app presents you with complete, uninterrupted episodes of the series. This aspect makes the app great for binge-watching or enjoys the show on a weekend evening. Additionally, the application uses a crowd-funding mechanism that allows you to support the creators.

As the episodes are complete, they take a long time to run and will require at least 40 minutes from start to finish.

Watch for free

The Chosen application allows you to watch season one for free, enjoying the show's origins. To view any more episodes, you'll need to purchase a subscription that unlocks the new seasons. Without a purchase, you can't watch any episode after the season one finale. The cost for the app begins at $5.

Not as great as alternatives

Unfortunately, The Chosen application only allows you to view the series it's made for. Compared to Netflix, you can't view other TV shows or have separate profiles. Additionally, you're unable to continue or stop watching quickly without resetting your episode's progress.

The story

The Chosen is a multi-series work about the life of Jesus. The story shows you who Jesus was through the eyes of those around him, not how Hollywood represents him. The tale elaborates and gives context to the story of Jesus.

Special content

The Chosen app features a variety of extra content, such as behind-the-scenes interviews and footage. This selection includes interviews with actors and insight into the series. 

Our take

The Chosen application is a great way to watch the show and view extra content. It isn't like popular streaming alternatives Netflix or Prime Video. The only show available to watch is The Chosen, which is excellent if you plan on watching the show frequently.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're already watching the series or enjoy Christian shows, this application is a great choice to install and access whenever a new episode releases.


  • View full episodes
  • Watch for free
  • Access to behind the scenes content


  • Only streams The Chosen series

The Chosenfor iOS


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