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A central hub for movie and TV

Apple TV is a nexus where that offers fast and easy access to a wide array of movies and tv shows. Available for purchase or for download, all content can be purchased, rented, and even watched directly from within the app. Anything you've purchased previously on iTunes will be available on Apple TV. You can also use Apple TV to watch cable TV or as a streaming service, catching up on shows from other services such as Hulu, ESPN ,NBC, Amazon Prime, or ABC. Lastly Apple TV is also the gateway to Apple TV+, which is a subscription service offering thousands of movies and original shows.

All your TV in one app

Whether Apple TV is an app worth downloading depends on the kind of content you're looking for.

Apple TV is a one-stop shop for all manner of top-rated prime-time TV, live sports, movies, and news. It carries content from iTunes, your local library, any connected streaming services or channels you're subscribed to, and, if you choose to tack on the added feature, Apple TV+. As you'd expect from an Apple product, using the software is intuitive and fast. To start, download and install the latest version of iOS on your device. The Apple TV app is available right in the App Store, so all you need to do is start the download. From that point on you'll have access to Apple TV on your device, be it a laptop, iPhone, or iPad. Your saved libraries and recommendations will also follow you between devices, so you can watch what you want on whatever device you choose.

The Apple TV experience stands out from the competition in two major ways: The first is allowing you the user to create and maintain total control of their viewing experience. This way you can filter the vast sea of content and tailor it to prioritize the shows you want. There are no new apps, accounts, or passwords needed, and one account can cover up to six family members. Similar to Netflix, anybody under that account will still maintain their own choice of favorites. The second way Apple TV differs from its competitors is the content it puts out. Whether Apple TV is an app worth downloading depends on the kind of content you're looking for. Ultimately this will be the deciding factor when compared to similar streaming services.

Where can you run this program?

The Apple TV app is meant to run on iPhone, iPad, or on an iPod Touch as long as it's iOS 10.1 or greater. It also runs on a Mac with MacOS Catalina or later. Non-Apple users can also benefit from the app; Apple TV is compatible with select Roku or Amazon Fire TV players, and certain smart televisions from Samsung or LG.

Is there a better alternative?

There are dozens of streaming platforms available, and in terms of UI, accessibility, price, and variety of content Apple is no slouch when compared to the competition. It's taken a lot from early trailblazers like Netflix and Hulu, and their inspiration is apparent in the app's UI. A side by side comparison with Netflix, for example, would look 80-90% identical. As such, whether Apple TV is the "better alternative" depends on what you intend on using the app to watch. Content like Star Wars or Marvel films, for example, are only available on the competitor service, Disney+.


  • Supports up to 6 profiles
  • One account connects to multiple devices
  • Familiar UI and layout


  • May not feature the content you're looking for

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Apple TVfor iOS


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