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Cable-free live TV for the family!

While most of the video streaming services feature original or on-demand content, others allow you to completely get rid of the cable subscription. YouTube TV targets the people who’re interested in the latter outcome. With more than 70 channels from sports, entertainment, and news world, the app offers a user-friendly interface to integrate exceptional DVR features.

Numerous channels, Cloud DVR, and fast navigation!

The perfect app to enjoy your favorite shows, sports, and live streaming channels.

For a very long time, video streaming services have complemented a satellite or cable subscription. In recent times, the scenario has changed. Apps like YouTube TV allow you to enjoy your favorite shows on live TV as well as cable channels without the hassle of set-top-box installation.

At a nominal subscription price, YouTube for iPhone provides you with more than 70 live channels. Additionally, you can watch the content on a wide range of streaming players. With the service, you get unlimited Cloud DVR capabilities and several local broadcast channels, depending on the location.

Easy and fast navigation

Whether you’re using YouTube TV service on your iPhone or a PC, the interface will look clean and straightforward. You just need to use three tabs that provide you with everything you need to navigate, browse, search, and play.

From the ‘library’ button, you can access all the recorded movies and shows. The ‘home’ button lets you view tailored content, from on-demand content to your favorite live channels in the list. Last but not least, ‘live’ allows you to scroll through a wide range of channels available as part of the subscription.

Clicking on the ‘search’ button takes you to a new page, where you’re allowed to search for specific keywords. This lets you browse by channel, popularity, category. Overall, YouTube TV retains the simplicity of the parent YouTube service to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by the options.

It’s pretty easy to find new content and start playing it on your iPhone’s screen. If you’re already aware of the specific channel you want to play, just scroll down to the option via the ‘browse’ menu. In case you’re looking for something new, YouTube TV will provide with a list of options popular among other users.

Moreover, YouTube TV considers your preferences based on last viewed, previously viewed, and saved categories to play the most relevant content. The app comes with a category called ‘Try Something New’, which displays the content that you wouldn’t see otherwise. As compared to other services, this is a bold step YouTube wants to take to offer something refreshing and new.

Several live TV and local broadcast options

As mentioned earlier, YouTube TV allows you to browse through a wide range of channels. Sports fans can enjoy their favorite broadcasts on multiple ESPN stations, Fox Sports, and CBS. Similarly, FX and related networks allow you to watch numerous shows with the subscription. You can also watch Fox News, MSNBC, and Disney to ensure you don’t miss any news from the political or entertainment world.

What makes YouTube TV different from Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and other networks is the availability of a wide range of local broadcast options. For instance, you can watch CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, and the YES Network in New York. There’s no other cable service that offers so many popular channels in one subscription.

Excellent DVR options

The excellent DVR function sets YouTube TV apart from competitors. While PlayStation Vue allows you to record videos for a month, Sling TV runs a DVR test in beta. Similarly, DirecTV doesn’t offer any recording features. On the other hand, YouTube TV gives you unlimited space to store programs on the go. You can keep downloads for up to nine months.

YouTube TV makes it easier to record shows. On the ‘home’ screen, you can visit the popular shows, which can be conveniently added to the DVR list. Once you choose a show, the service records every instance of it without any lags. The data is stored indefinitely, until you ask YouTube TV to stop downloads.

Where can you run this program?

For Apple, YouTube TV is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV. For devices running on iOS, you will need version 10.0 and above. Apart from Apple Devices, YouTube TV is also available on Android TV, Chromecast, Roku OS, Fire TV, and Xbox One.

Is there a better alternative?

While YouTube TV is an excellence choice, you might be looking for a few alternatives. Hulu Live TV is perhaps the closest competitor. It offers a wide range of features with more than 60 channels and several local networks. Moreover, you can get a subscription to watch tons of on-demand content.

Sling TV is another good streaming service, which offers a wide range of channels with a-la-carte pricing. It primarily focuses on customizing user experience as per specific preferences.

While both services are good choices, none of them offers good DVR features. Instead of unlimited Cloud DVR, Hulu Live TV and Sling TV offer 50 hours worth of Cloud storage. In fact, the former doesn’t even allow you to fast-forward content. It’s another area where YouTube TV wins the race by a huge margin.

Our take

In case you’re looking to get rid of your cable subscription, YouTube TV will be an excellent choice. Though it’s slightly pricey, the expanded channel line-up, unlimited Cloud DVR features, fast navigation, and excellent customer support make it a good deal. With over 70 channels, YouTube TV is one of the best streaming services you can enjoy on your iPhone.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! If you like YouTube TV’s channel selection and often use a streaming service to record your favorite shows, YouTube TV will be the perfect replacement for your cable or satellite subscription.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Great DVR features
  • Fast channel navigation
  • Live previews


  • Currently available in limited markets
  • Costs more with iOS devices

YouTube TVfor iOS


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