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A free video downloader for Android

VidMix is a free video downloader app for Android. The app is involved in a series of controversies and drama between itself and its competitors. The app may not be safe, so use with caution.


As a video downloader app, VidMix allows you to download videos from various websites. The program enables you to snatch multiple videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other websites easily. These files can be downloaded from video links up to 8K Ultra HD quality.

VidMix also possesses a free music downloading function, allowing you to acquire audio files. You can even convert Youtube videos directly to mp3 files through the app.


VidMix possesses a negative reputation for its advertising and perceived lack of safety. The app is backed by a Chinese corporation and works out of India, which has led to a backlash in India due to its crackdown on Chinese apps for consumer and national safety.

The app is not regulated by the Google Play Store or any other digital application platform. It must be downloaded as an APK directly from the company website. This means that VidMix doesn’t have to conform to these platforms’ rules and regulations, adding additional risk.


It can be difficult to parse information due to the controversy and extreme competition between VidMix, Videoder, and Vidmate. These three apps have repeatedly slandered one another alongside a fourth party, Dentex. The apps all seem to share similar features, code, and functions, spreading the controversy further.

Our take

VidMix and its relationship with the competition make it difficult to understand whether or not the app is good, safe, or even original. The competition is fierce and vengeful between the four competitors, with each claiming that the others stole the idea. It may be best to search for an unaffiliated video downloader that’s safe.

Should you download it?

No, VidMix’s mixed reviews and controversy make it not worth the trouble.


  • Free


  • Unregulated
  • Company may not be trustworthy

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VidMixfor Android


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