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GParted is an entirely free way to organize and manage your Windows computer’s partitions. The application is convenient and versatile, offering usage on almost any platform. Supporting many file formats, the software cleans and organizes your partitions with ease, much like MiniTool Partition Wizard, TestDisk, and Parted Magic.

GParted works using lossless organization, resizing, copying, inspecting, and moving partitions without losing any data. The software runs on any computer as its resources are minimal, requiring only 300 MB space and 320 MB RAM. Additionally, the software works as a bootable program from your USB stick.

Completely free

The application is entirely free to use for any purpose, including distributing it on a USB drive. Some alternatives use part of the app as their core while offering a few differences as it is free.

Supports various file formats

GParted supports over 10 different file types. This selection includes btrfs, exfat, ntfs, udf, ext2 / ext3 / ext4, fat16 / fat32, linux-swap, hfs / hfs+, lvm2 pv, nilfs2, reiserfs / reiser4, ufs, and xfs. The variety of files supported allows GParted to run on Windows systems.

Any operating system

GParted works on any operating system, making it helpful should you run separate systems on different partitions of your computer. Additionally, the software will work if burned on a bootable USB drive and then ran from there. 

The burning process requires a USB drive, Gparted Live, or a Universal USB Installer. Once you have it ready, you need to set your BIOS to run first from a USB drive. This process will cause the GParted software to run before WIndows.

Low system requirements

The system requirements for GParted are low, allowing it to work on almost any device. All your PC needs are 300 MB of space and at least 320 MB RAM to run the app. With these two requirements met, you can efficiently run GParted on any computer.

Our take

GParted is a practical application if you frequently work with computers or need to manage your partitions. There are many great alternatives, such as MiniTool Partition Wizard and Parted Magic. However, the application’s ability to function from a USB is handy for managing your computer and its operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes. If your Window’s partitions are disorganized and need cleaning, this app is an excellent solution to the problem.


  • Free
  • Wide range of support for file systems
  • Supports all popular computer operating systems
  • Organize partitions with no loss


  • Limited interface

Program available in other languages

GPartedfor Windows


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