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Keep your people safe

Master the art of building and managing your own vault. In this title, you'll have to make decisions that affect you and your team’s survival. Can you learn the best ways to balance your resources in a fight to survive?

Build your own shelter

An exciting simulation game that will keep you engaged, Fallout Shelter will be worth the download.

As part of the Fallout phenomenon, this game promises to provide hours of challenging entertainment. When you build your vault, you create your new Fallout shelter. You'll have to manage it and oversee the entirety of its operation. You must guide dwellers inside the vault and make sure that they have enough food, water, and power to survive.

The dwellers inside the vault will rescue others from the wasteland and then place them into different areas inside the shelter to work. When they work, they generate resources. Each person has their own unique profile and each person’s abilities directly impact where they should be inside of the vault.

You can increase each person’s stats by training them in individual rooms. Dwellers can level up and improve their overall health. As they progress, they’ll receive new items and weapons to use.

To grow your community, you can pair male and female dwellers together to procreate. The alternative option is to wait for new dwellers to trickle in from the wasteland. Ultimately, as the leader, you need to manage your resources to ensure survival. Players need to complete various tasks throughout the game to be rewarded.

Where can you run this program?

The game runs on iOS version 12.1.2 and later. It’s also available for Windows and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

No. The famous Fallout series is in a league of its own. The challenges await you in the quest to determine your fate in this epic game.

Our take

Gamers will love this mobile version of Fallout. There are lots of rooms to unlock, explore, and master. It is sure to keep you captivated.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of the Fallout series, you’re going to love this game.


  • Strategic gameplay
  • Characters never age
  • Classic Fallout look and feel


  • Lack of ending in the game
  • Slow progression

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Fallout Shelterfor iOS


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