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Free mobile battle arena

Clash Royale is a free mobile battle arena by Supercell that’s much like Clash Quest and Brawl Stars in gameplay and features. You’ll enter matches to fight other online players, either solo or as teams. It lets you use heroes, weapons, and spells to overcome your opponents as you attempt to take down the main tower.

Unfortunately, there’s a paywall for the items and rewards that are incredibly valuable. They’ll give you an advantage over other players, which can be discouraging if you don’t spend money on games. However, you can still win if you and your team have a decent strategy and determination.

Take the tower

The main objective is to crush your enemies as you make it to the opposing tower and kill the king and queen. Of course, you’ll need to have defenses in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen to you. Whichever team claims the enemy’s tower first wins the match. It takes lots of strategies and using abilities and the right time.

Unlock cards

As you progress in Clash Royale, you’ll unlock cards and heroes. You’ll end up building the ultimate deck, from which you’ll choose before you enter the heat of the battle. There are also chests you’ll receive as rewards that may contain unique cards for that extra power.

Upgrade your deck

You shouldn’t let your troops remain at the same power level, as your enemies will grow stronger. You can upgrade heroes and card decks to become more formidable. You might be weak when you first play Clash Royale, but you’ll find your troops and allies growing stronger the more you engage in battles. 

Our take

Clash Royale is an exhilarating online mobile battle game that rewards you for the time you spend on it. It has excellent graphics, while you’ll also love the sound effects. You’ll want to play as much as possible to upgrade your heroes as much as possible.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re interested in mobile battle arenas and PvP action. However, you may have to put up with players who buy in-app items to make them more powerful.


  • Rewards you for continuous gameplay
  • Unlock and upgrade card decks
  • Stunning visuals and effects
  • Exciting gameplay


  • Valuable items hidden behind paywall

Clash Royalefor iOS


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