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Formatting scientific documents

LaTeX is the standard for the preparation of scientific documents; it formats your article with stylistic uniformity and saves you time on fixing the document layout.

Create better documents, faster

Select your ideal font and size from a wide selection with a quick command line on LaTeX.

Your research derived through many hours is nothing until it’s all documented, but standard document applications take too long to create when you’re designing the layout. That’s why LaTeX is the perfect choice for anyone writing a college thesis, scientific report, essay, presentation, or even the next best-selling novel.

LaTeX uses a coding structure. The templates are divided as classes and make it easy to change them with ease. Not everyone can code, but fortunately, LaTeX code gets issued as commands which make the entire process quick and straightforward to implement. Lists are made through a short command line and can be numbered or unnumbered.

Organizing references is a straightforward process. The biblio section acts as a collection of all of them and will only include those you used in your document’s bibliography.

LaTeX is entirely free to use, meaning anyone can access LaTeX’s solution to presenting reports, essays, books, and other pieces of writing. Using the software requires climbing a slight learning curve, but once you’ve gotten the hang of using LaTeX, you’ll be generating amazing documents.

Where can you run this program?

LaTeX is available for computers running MacOS, Windows or Linux, Windows. Windows has a few options for the distribution of LaTex you’d like to use.

Is there a better alternative?

No, LaTeX is the industry standard for a good reason. It’s a highly capable software that is easy to learn. There are non-standard alternatives such as Patoline, which uses a mix of TeX and not full TeX unlike LaTeX.

Our take

LaTex is an excellent system to use when preparing any document, whether a research task for school, your college thesis or a detailed report for your work.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re writing an important document, book or preparing a presentation, you’ll benefit from using LaTeX’s extensive features.


  • Bibliography support
  • Reference tracking
  • Extendable capabilities
  • Free


  • Doesn’t spell check
  • Doesn’t provide full formatting control
  • A steep learning curve

Texpad: LaTeX editorfor Mac


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