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Improve workflow through your desktop

Trello is super simple in its approach to projects. It has you creating to-do lists and moving tasks from one stage to the next, keeping you focused and aware of your progress.

A web-based task management solution

Trello is a neat and lightweight tool for project management, providing a straightforward and beginner-friendly, yet highly efficient, experience.

Trello provides you with tools to define projects in great detail. On its digital dashboard, you create, organize, and prioritize your tasks. It employs a card system, allowing team members to collaborate on projects. Plus, integrating with many applications and mobile devices, Trello is super portable.

You can get Trello in three price tiers. If you decide not to pay, you get to use all the main hallmarks of the platform. These include unlimited boards, lists and checklists, cards, members, and attachments, as well as one power-up per board.

The Business Class tier brings you unlimited power-ups and integrations with various services, while the Enterprise plan offers a much higher level of security, on top of all other features.

Trello is easy to grasp and set up, and its interface features a clean, fresh look that is intuitive to navigate. You'll find recently viewed boards on the main screen, and from there, you may access your teams and notifications in the top left and right corners.

This platform's outline is also highly customizable, allowing you to add features to cards and boards. Trello power-ups add extra functionalities to all you do, enabling you to add buttons, show previews, a calendar view, voting, and more.

Where can you run this program?

Trello runs on Mac and Windows computers. The system requirement for Mac is 10.10 or later, while on Windows, you’ll need the latest version of the OS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Trello is great but not the best out there. Many people find Asana a good choice for personal preferences. Proofhub, Paymo, Quickbase, and Taskworld are all decent alternatives with their own sets of advantages.

Our take

Trello is easy to use, lightweight and flexible, making it excellent for project management. However, it lacks the features of more heavy-duty tools for big companies.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you plan on running projects with a team and seek a neat, easy-to-grasp solution unless you need time tracking and built-in reporting.


  • Easy to grasp and use
  • Free plan available
  • Useful built-in hotkeys
  • Highly portable


  • Light on features
  • Collaboration can get messy

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Trellofor Mac


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