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An average alternative to Acrobat

Wondershare brings you their PDF editor. So how does it stack up against the frankly endless options available on the market?

A world of editing at your fingertips

Try this PDF Editor for professional and personal use. It has a full set of tools so you can get creative with your PDF files.

Import files from any format and start making your changes. Wondershare’s PDF Editor, known as “PDFelement”, gives you the power to add images, text, and a whole host of annotations.

If you’re in a rush, this is a program for you. Font detection is a great feature here; when you add new text or notes, PDFelement automatically detects the existing font and matches your additions to that typeface. All of your changes will appear to fit naturally into the document./p>

Add a digital signature to documents to give them authority. It’s a great way to pass important business files between co-workers. You can save your signature and update it at any time.

This editor has a lot of options for annotations. You can create shapes, draw lines, and add in sticky notes. This would be ideal for students or scholars who want to make notes on journal articles or academic material.

A huge weakness with the program is the messy interface. It’s difficult to find and use all of the available tools. In contrast, a program like PDFescape has a well-organized layout, giving you quick access to the options you need. PDFelement could stand to learn from that.

The editor comes with plenty of conversion options. Maybe you want your document to be displayed on your website. In that case, you’d want to convert the document to an image format. You can export your PDFs to Word documents, excel sheets, or image formats. This is good flexibility, but it’s also not unique. Acrobat and PDFescape also have similar functions.

Where can you run this program?

You can run it on macOS X. There are versions available for iOS, Android phone, and Windows as well.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. A ton of other apps deliver the same features. Although this software is well-equipped, you can do similar tasks with PDFescape without running into the interface issues here.

Our take

PDFelement isn’t a bad program; it’s genuinely solid. However, the interface and lack of unique features are the weakest parts. While the editor does its job well, it falls short in these two crucial places that other software, like Acrobat and Xodo.

Should you download it?

No, there are plenty of programs out there with the same services. It has a good range of tools but it isn’t worth paying for.


  • Digital signature function
  • Supports PDF-to-word conversio
  • Advanced editing


  • Paid service only
  • Messy user interface
  • Other free programs offer similar tools

Program available in other languages

PDF Elementfor Mac


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