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Data visualization software program

Tableau was founded in 2003 by Christian Cabot, Patrick Hanrahan, and Chris Stolte and is a data visualization software based in Seattle, Washington. It focuses on business intelligence and data analysis.

What is Tableau?

Simply put, Tableau takes raw data that may be difficult to read and turns it into interactive graphics that are easy to decipher for businesses and private use. It offers a variety of services and has five main products:

  1. Tableau Desktop - for individual use.
  2. Tableau Server - made for any organization to collaborate with each other.
  3. Tableau Online - cloud storage for Business Intelligence (BI).
  4. Tableau Reader - allows users to read and access any files they’ve saved to Desktop.
  5. Tableau Public - a free service for users to publish data.

These products are aimed at all types of users and businesses. Different languages are supported including English, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Easy to use, easy to learn

If you’re not familiar with Tableau or any data analytics platform, this can all seem a bit overwhelming. However, the platform offers many helpful tips to guide you through the whole process. Whether you’re new to the platform or someone who’s used it before, the interface is friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to learn for newcomers.

Is it free?

Individual products have their own prices. However, the Tableau Public product is entirely free to use by anyone on the Internet. There are also free trials available for each product for new users to try out.

Our take

This is an excellent platform for everyone. With the number of products it offers and its excellent service, this is an app you can’t go wrong with. You can also share your results on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Whether you’re a student, teacher, data scientist, or business user, Tableau is a great program. With a variety of services and fair pricing, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out for yourself. You can also try Salesforce, Qlik, and Looker.


  • Fast and reliable service
  • End-to-end encryption


  • Complex interface for new users

Tableaue Readerfor Mac


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