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SeaMonkey is a convenient solution with a web browser, web feed reader, web development tools, HTML editor, and email, among other things. It essentially is an ‘all in one’ application suite.  It’s perfect for corporate executives or advanced users; everyone can find a use for its many different features.


The software boasts a variety of features that not only help to keep you protected but also exponentially improve your user experience. Among a large number of features, you’ll find a popup blocker that negates the frustrating experience of unwanted ads. You’ll also discover a data manager which handles online cookies, permissions, passwords and preferences, and numerous site-specific data.

SeaMonkey also offers thousands of various themes from which you can create your own personalized ‘feel.’ You can also enjoy the program’s smart location bar, which lets you search your commonly visited pages quickly.

It also has a unique safe mode that effectively assists in problem-solving. You’ll also find a troubleshooting page should you need further technical assistance. The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) also provides a useful platform with multiple channels for discussion purposes. 


One of the main differentiating features of SeaMonkey is its mail feature. Here, you can manage your mail easily, with junk mail controls, an allowance for multiple accounts, and numerous enterprise-ready features, including digital signing and address books.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the blog and news feed reader, which offers you news from all over the globe. 


Simply click on the link and proceed to follow the steps to download. Once complete, click on the .dmg file and mount the image. Drag the icon to the app folder, and eject the image. 

Our take

SeaMonkey is an excellent all-in-one program for anyone looking for a simple solution to complex problems. There’s no shortage of helpful tools, such as an HTML editor, DOm inspector, and JavaScript Debugger - everything you need in one place. 

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s incredibly convenient and well worth the download. It’s a great browser, even when compared to Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird


  • Free
  • Built-in email
  • IRC chat
  • Web development and HTML tools


  • Complicated to use
  • Outdated

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

SeaMonkeyfor Mac


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