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Free customizable Zoom meeting interface

Macro is a customizable interface for online meetings built for the Zoom platform. It facilitates cooperation, collaboration, and more inclusive conversations on the increasingly popular portal. You can use the same membership profile and links while enjoying an improved performance by integrating Zoom with this program.

Improved meeting experience

Platforms such as Google Meet, Discord, and naturally, Zoom, exploded in popularity recently. Teams use it more than ever for remote collaboration on various professional and personal projects. However, such programs often come with communication issues, which Macro seeks to solve, at least for Zoom. 

It’s easy to use, too, not requiring you to change your approach to creating and sharing links. As long as you have the free program on your desktop, the platform automatically launches Zoom meetings through Macro, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Airtime and views technologies

Macro’s most notable aspect is Airtime, a technology that ensures a level playing field for every meeting participant. It creates a map that visualizes speaking time for each team member, ensuring nobody feels left out. 

This tool also lets you change the Zoom view according to the meeting type you’re having. That way, it increases the flexibility and customizability of the platform.

Boosted collaboration

Apart from helping people get their share of speaking time, Macro helps teams collaborate more efficiently. It incorporates a note-taking canvas across several categories that let users write down the relevant meeting points without having to switch to a new platform. 

Moreover, the notes you take through Macro synchronize with a dedicated Google Document in real-time. The platform instantly shares it with the entire team, guaranteeing that even those not participating in the meeting stay up-to-date.

Our take

Overall, Macro is an innovative, well-executed, high-quality addition to the popular meeting platform. It fixes some of the most severe issues with a Zoom-only approach and facilitates collaboration. It’s a shame you can’t apply it to other communication tools, though.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you spend a lot of time on Zoom and need to improve the conversation quality of your meetings on the platform. Macro does wonders in that respect.


  • Highly customizable
  • Facilitates collaboration
  • Innovative Airtime technology
  • In-Zoom note-taking


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