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This free Android app boasts news on health, politics, finance, and world events. With big names like former Fox News host Greg Kelly, former White House Communications Director Sean Spicer, and many others, Newsmax Media has quite a team. 

Some background

It was established- by Christopher Ruddy back on September 16th, 1998. Newsmax Media found its footing as a conservative and opinion website. Since then, they have grown exponentially with 24/7 Newsmax TV live studios in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. They’ve even released a print magazine called Newsmax, which had an estimated monthly readership of about 300 000 back in 2019.

It’s highly influential in conservative circles. Christopher Ruddy founded the news channel, realizing a lack of diversity of opinion on the right and no real competitor to Fox News. Now the show happily shares its news to 70 million households. 

The app

The Newsmax TV & Web app offers real news for real people. It provides easy access to and 24/7 cable news. Upon opening the app, it presents you with the news page to instantly access your favorite segments, including the popular Greg Kelly Reports, Spicer & Co., Stinchfield, the Chris Salcedo Show, and many others. 

There’s even a TV schedule for the week that indicates which segment shows at what time during the day. Are you looking for something different to watch? There’s a Special Programs section in the app that offers some useful insights into America, American history, and much else. 


You can download the APK straight onto your Android device. After installing, you’ll get instant access to local news, and you’ll be able to watch and play videos directly from your device. 

Our take

If politics and world issues interest you, we recommend giving NewsMax TV & Web a try. It’s a small download, and it’s straightforward to install. You’ll also love their segments, which are quite informative, yet still a joy to watch. 

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you love keeping up to date with the latest news.

Newsmaxfor Android


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