SPORTSFIRE - Watch and track your favorite team

SPORTSFIRE is a live-streaming app that you can download to your Android device. It lets you stream free videos on your Firestick and Smart TV, keeping you always close to the sports action you love. SPORTSFIRE is easy to use and packed with features that make following your favorite sports fun.

SPORTSFIRE features and more

This is an app that people use to watch sports but that is not it. SPORTSFIRE has some features you are not aware that you need but realize their absence once this app offers them. Here are some of those key features:

  • Live Updates: Keep up with every goal, basket, or run in sports like soccer, basketball, cricket, and tennis. SPORTSFIRE keeps you in the know with live scores and stats.
  • News and Analysis: If you love digging into game tactics, player stats, and the latest sports news, SPORTSFIRE has it all. It's like having a sports magazine in your app.
  • Custom Alerts: Choose your favorite teams and sports, and SPORTSFIRE will send updates and notifications just about them. You'll never miss important news.
  • Watch Live Games: The best part is watching live games right from the app. It's great for when you can't be near a TV but don't want to miss out.

Does SPORTSFIRE work on Android?

Yes, SPORTSFIRE is not just for Firestick and Smart TV users. Android users can join in on the fun, too. Here's how:

  1. First, download the SPORTSFIRE APK file to your Android device.
  2. Make sure your device allows installs from unknown sources.
  3. Install the app, and start streaming sports.

Just a heads up, sometimes the app might buffer if you're using a VPN, or you might see a blank screen when you open it. Usually, playing around with your VPN settings or trying a different VPN app can fix this.


SPORTSFIRE is careful with your privacy. The app doesn't ask for personal info like your contacts. Here's how SPORTSFIRE keeps things safe:

  • Doesn't Need Personal Data: The app works great without needing to know all about you, which is great for keeping your information private.
  • Updates: SPORTSFIRE only asks to start when your device boots up so it can check for updates. This keeps the app fresh with the latest streams and features without risking your safety.


  • Does not collect your data
  • Easy to download and use
  • Live updates and analysis


  • Might buffer when connected with VPN

Program available in other languages



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