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Soloop, by Chinese developer Shenzhen HeyTap Technology Corp., is a free video editing app for your Android that makes content creation a breeze. While the scope of features is far from impressive, it can still let you turn pictures into slideshows, change aspect ratios, and add background music for your newest social media post.

A compact editing app

Soloop is a lightweight, compact, ad-powered editor for people looking to intuitively improve their social media posts. The effects and transitions are available to enhance the quality of your videos. In addition, you can also add text and stickers to make your content pop. 

It is not a slick, professional-looking video editor compared to something like Adobe Premiere Rush, but it is more than enough for simple editing purposes and general use.

Easy to use

The user interface that you get with this app is incredibly straightforward. The preview window sits on your screen, where you’ll find the buttons for saving or discarding your edit on either side. 

Access your storage and pick the video or series of photos that you want to edit. The app will then display all the effects, transitions, and aspect ratios that are available at your disposal. 

If you import images, this tool will turn them into a slideshow for you to cut and stitch together as you see fit. You will get a video file after you are done making changes and customizing. 

Soloop isn’t as audio-oriented as Beatleap, but it does feature a background music tool. All you need to do is tap the ‘Music’ button and find the song you want in your playlist that you can integrate into your videos.

Problematic interface

Apart from locking you in portrait mode, Soloop’s primary drawbacks stem from its interface issues. Even the latest version with new features comes packed with ads. 

The app is safe to download. You won’t encounter viruses as long as you watch what you click. Still, ads pop up left and right, and the banner on top of your screen can make it hard to access other phone functionalities.

Our take

Overall, this app could be significantly better. Soloop can come in handy for some quick editing needs, but the unreliable interface and lack of extra features make it more trouble than it’s actually worth. 

Should you download it?

No. Although Soloop opens some exciting new doors for your social media posting, until its issues get fixed, there are numerous other apps that do a better job such as InShot or Magisto.


  • Easy to use
  • Image-to-video feature
  • Lets you insert background audio


  • Only works in portrait mode

Soloopfor Android


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