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Famous free soccer game sequel

Score! Hero 2 is a free soccer game, a follow-up to the first version of the adventure by First Touch LLC. It's an enticing player journey where you can customize and advance your hero's career in one of the 90 teams available in the second iteration of the game.

Like the version before and other mobile soccer simulators, including Cool Goal and Soccer Rally: Arena, this game is a fun adventure with better-than-average graphics and mocap animation. Earn kits and badges, and make an advancement to superstardom!

Score! Hero 2 new features

The sequel to the original Score! Hero features a campaign mode that hosts a progressive career. You’re going to work your way through hundreds of levels, each one more challenging than the next. You’ll start as a nobody, taking on the best as you work your way toward becoming a superstar. There’s also audio from real-life commentators.

Gameplay mechanics

As with most soccer simulators, you’ll pass the ball along the field until you reach the goal post. However, you’ll find awkward controls and gameplay that will take time to master. For those who have never played the first game, learning how to swipe the ball into the back of the net can be tricky.

Real teams

One aspect that makes Score! Hero 2 feel authentic is with the officially licensed teams. You’ll enter real league matches and take on soccer heroes in your effort to become the best. There are trophies for you to earn, while you can customize your team’s line-up and uniforms.

Our take

Score! Hero 2 has impressive graphics and real commentary that will make you feel like you’re playing in a stadium. Unlike some other soccer simulators that only present matches you can play, there’s a progressive career to keep you interested. You’ll also enjoy how much you can customize your player and teams.

Should I download it?

Yes, especially if you enjoy free soccer games and long to score goals. You’ll take your player from zero to hero, as long as you can master the controls. As a final treat, you can share how far you’ve progressed in the game on social media.


  • 90 officially licenced teams to play with
  • Exciting career progression
  • Player appearance customization
  • Connection to Facebook and synchronization across devices
  • Stunning graphics and audio


  • Awkward gameplay

Score Hero 2for Android


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