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8 Ball Pool: a top-down pool game

8 Ball Pool is a top-down pool game with realistic ball physics. Play against friends or strangers online, customize your game, and rank up your score.

Realistic pool physics

While the game may be limited to a two-dimensional top-down view visually, the physics of the ball movement are very realistic and simulate everything from the effects of the table on the ball’s movement to the ability to hit the cue ball in different places to give it spin. The player is given a small guide to indicate where the ball will go, but skill is still required to master the game, as the guide only shows the angle of the shot and not things like rebounds.

Compete online

One of the bigger marketing points of 8 Ball Pool is the competitive online play. You can play against friends or strangers, with each game contributing to your ranking score. You can compete in tournaments, with the winner receiving more points. Each player has their own profile picture, which is shown above the game and in tournament brackets.

Our take

8 Ball Pool is a fun game with realistic pool physics, and the online competitive nature gives it a lot of replayability. However, while the game itself is free, 8 Ball Pool is a “pay to play” game, with users who pay for the game’s “Pool Pass” having significant advantages over the free users in terms of the rewards and customization options.

Should you download it?

As the game is free, it is certainly worth trying if the look and style appeal to you. If you like ball-based games, you might also like Dream League Soccer, or an 8 Ball Pool alternative alternative like Game Pigeon Pool.


  • Realistic pool physics
  • Online play adds replayability
  • Plenty of variation in cues and tables


  • The frequency of ads can be distracting
  • Many users report slow or unreliable connectivity to game servers
  • Limited to top-down view only

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8 Ball Poolfor Android


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