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Free FIFA 21 companion app

Manage your FIFA 21 squad on the go, customize your team and stadium, and more. You’ll need to have an EA account, FIFA 21 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and a FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) club to make the most of this app.


The FIFA series from EA is one of the most popular soccer games around. Pro Evolution Soccer is perhaps the only rival title that comes close, although Championship Manager also offers similar thrills. 

FIFA 21 takes features from the previous installments and improves upon many of them. One way it does this is by incorporating the EA Sports FIFA 21 Companion app into your game. Now you can tweak your squad and stadium whenever and wherever you want.

Transfer Points and Teams

If you’re upgrading from FIFA 20 to 21, the good news is you can transfer FIFA Points (used for microtransactions) between consoles, but unfortunately not via the Companion app. The same is true if you have a FUT in FIFA 20. EA is also letting players get a free upgrade for FIFA 21 from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox X.

Whichever console you have, once you’ve upgraded or transferred, you’ll be able to access most of your FUT information on the Companion app. 

Improve your squad

The EA Sports FIFA 21 Companion app lets you sign up new members for your squad, transfer players, and participate in exclusive Squad Building Challenges. Unlock additional perks and customization options, including FUT Club Championship points. 

EA has come under scrutiny in the past for FIFA Points, as they’re microtransactions and often overpriced. Adding an extra level of points and linking some of the rewards primarily to the app isn’t entirely player-friendly. However, if you welcome the chance to get really involved in every level of your squad, there are plenty of options to tweak.

Our take

The app also encourages collaborative play to unlock FUT community rewards. You can show off some of these in your stadium by choosing a club anthem, crowd chants, and more. The Companion app is an excellent way to manage your FUT when you’re away from your console or computer.

Should You Download It?

Yes, especially if you enjoy FIFA games. However, there are several prerequisites before you’ll have access to the complete experience.


  • Free to download
  • Extra features compared to the base game


  • Increased emphasis on FIFA Points
  • No cross-platform functionality

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21 Companionfor Android

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