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PES 2012: A closer look at the mobile football experience

PES 2012, part of the acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer series by Konami, ventured into the mobile domain to provide soccer enthusiasts with an engaging on-the-go gaming experience. Notably, this installment aimed to replicate the intensity and finesse of console gameplay on Android devices.

It appeals to both devoted followers and newcomers seeking an immersive football gaming encounter on their mobile devices.

What PES 2012 offers

PES 2012 steps onto the field as a direct competitor to FIFA, refining existing features while maintaining its signature gameplay style. Instead of managerial aspects seen in other football games, PES 2012 prioritizes direct control, offering users the chance to influence every match's outcome.

The game distinguished itself through diverse and responsive touch-based controls, enabling intuitive navigation of players on the field. The implementation of three control schemes catered to various player preferences, fostering nuanced tactics for scoring goals and executing maneuvers.

Comprehensive gaming modes

PES 2012's allure lay in its array of gameplay modes, offering quick matches, league seasons, and intriguing challenges. While lacking some licensed teams and players, its diverse options ensured sustained engagement and replayability for soccer gaming enthusiasts.

The Super Challenge mode stood out as a commendable addition, delivering a comprehensive Pro Evo Master League experience tailored specifically for Android users. Conversely, the Free Kick challenge served as a skill-refinement tool, enhancing player capabilities with each attempt.

Design and realism amplified

Drawing from console-quality graphics, the game aimed to replicate real player movements and likeness, elevating the visual and immersive aspects of the gameplay. Enhanced artificial intelligence contributed to a smoother gaming experience, minimizing animation glitches and fostering a more realistic environment.

Best PES 2012 alternatives to try for Android devices

For users seeking football gaming experiences similar to PES 2012 on Android, there are several noteworthy alternatives available:

  • FIFA Soccer: Electronic Arts' FIFA series offers a robust soccer gaming experience on mobile platforms, featuring licensed teams, real players, and multiple gameplay modes, providing a polished and immersive soccer experience.
  • eFootball PES: Refined gameplay, licensed clubs, and realistic visuals make it a top-notch alternative to PES 2012 on Android for immersive soccer experiences.
  • Dream League Soccer: This game allows players to build and manage their own soccer team, compete in leagues, and customize team kits and logos. It's known for its engaging gameplay and extensive customization options.
  • Score! Hero: Rather than controlling the entire team, this game focuses on individual players. Players navigate through levels by completing challenges and scoring goals, adding a unique twist to the traditional soccer gaming experience.
  • Football Manager Mobile: For those inclined towards managerial aspects of soccer, Football Manager Mobile offers an in-depth simulation experience, allowing players to manage teams, make tactical decisions, and lead their club to glory.

These alternatives offer diverse gameplay experiences, ranging from realistic simulations to more arcade-style gameplay, catering to different preferences within the soccer gaming genre on Android.

Still worthy 

While not revolutionary in terms of innovation, PES 2012 solidifies its position by retaining the features that garnered its initial popularity. It stands as a dependable mobile soccer simulator, offering familiarity and a refined experience.

For loyal fans of the series, PES 2012 is mix of familiar gameplay and subtle enhancements makes it a worthy addition for those seeking an engaging mobile soccer experience.


  • Several game modes
  • In-game challenges
  • Lightweight


  • Lack of some licensed teams and players
  • Occasional animation glitches
  • Outdated

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PES 2012for Android


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