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Dream League Soccer 2018 - Realistic football game on mobile

Dream League Soccer 2018 is a popular sports game designed for mobile devices that lets you both play and manage a soccer team. Players can take control of their team on the pitch and make key management decisions off it, with the ultimate goal of rising to the top of the leagues. This version is a little bit old as there are many newer versions available, like Dream League Soccer 2019 or Dream League Soccer 2024. You can get this game on your Android device.

Realistic football game

Dream League Soccer 2018 offers an engaging experience for those who love soccer.  The game features fluid animations that make the soccer action come to life. You'll feel right in the middle of the action thanks to responsive controls that mimic real-life soccer. You’re in charge of more than just playing matches. You have to manage all aspects of your football club, from signing new players to upgrading your stadium. Each decision you make affects your team’s performance and progress. The game’s computer-controlled teams have different skill levels, which makes every match a unique challenge that helps you improve your game. Dream League Soccer 2018 perfectly mixes exciting match play with the deeper challenge of soccer management, making it a great game for mobile play.

“Okay” graphics

While Dream League Soccer 2018 excels in gameplay, its graphics are pretty basic, especially when compared to top-tier games like FIFA Mobile. Here’s a breakdown of the game’s visuals:

  • Graphic Quality: The game’s graphics are decent, with realistic player models and well-designed stadiums. However, they lack the intricate details you see in more advanced games.
  • Optimized for All Devices: The simpler graphics mean the game runs smoothly on both new and older mobile devices, so more people can play without any issues.

Although the graphics aren’t the best out there, they don’t take away from the fun of the game. The controls might take a little getting used to, but they add to the game’s challenge. You can’t change the control settings, but learning to use them effectively is part of the fun.

Dream League Soccer 2018 is a solid choice for soccer fans looking for a good mix of action and team management on their mobile devices. It offers a complete soccer experience that’s both challenging and rewarding, making it a favorite among mobile gamers.


  • Okay graphics for mobile
  • Different game modes
  • Various teams and players


  • Newer versions available
  • Can’t edit controls

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Dream League Soccer 2018for Android


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