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A free skill-based car soccer game

Rocket League Sideswipe is the made-for-touchscreen version of the wildly popular game Rocket League. Control remote-controlled rocket-powered cars to get the ball in the other team’s net.

Is Rocket League one of the hardest games?

The original soccer game with rocket cars is only as difficult as your opponents. There is massive scope for skill-based winning. Rocket League Sideswipe is similar, but it doesn't have the same scope.

Do you need Rocket League experience?

Actually, this action-packed skill based game only borrows the premise and physics engines from the other game. Even veteran players will have to learn new skills, which means new players do not need experience with the original Rocket League game.

Is it a pay-to-win game?

You can buy in-game items, but nothing that elevates one player significantly over another. It is a very fair game so not a typical sports game; if you want something a little more traditional, then try Madden NFL 20.

Our take

Transferring the wealth of gameplay scope that Rocket league offers onto a touch-screen medium should have been impossible. Yet, the developers have found a way to make this game unique with its own difficulty curve and personality.

Should you download it?

A resounding yes. Even if you do not like soccer or car games, it doesn't matter because this game is unlike any other on the market. The original Rocket League is wildly popular and this game has captured the same magic. Getting good is difficult, but luck plays an organic role in the game, which will keep it interesting for new players.


  • A very fair and balanced multiplayer game.
  • Build skill and compete against people from around the world.
  • Learn to win your own way.
  • In-game purchases do not reward those who spend the most.


  • People with larger touch screens have an advantage.
  • Very GPU and CPU-heavy gameplay.
  • Steep learning curve between the beginning and intermediate level.
  • Only a small variety of gaming modes.

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Rocket League Sideswipefor Android


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