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Take control over the magical wild

Slash your way through various tribes and beasts, completing quests along your journey.

Take Pale Swordsman on an adventure

This is a fun-filled RPG with colorful graphics and interesting characters.

Fight your way through opposing factions and take the Wilderness for yourself. Battle it out with the Imperials, who come loaded with steam machines and bronze armor. You’ll have to be strategic in order to get past them and make it through their levels. There’s also crazy tribe members and natives of the Wilderness who won’t surrender to you so easily.

Participate in a side quest to level up and progress through the game. Earn coins for robust performances and spend them in the shop. Buy some new armor, weapons, or redesign Pale Swordsman. If you don’t want to carry on with a quest, click on the map and you’ll be sent on another mission. You can come back to quests at any time.

Interact with natives and choose to make them an enemy or an ally. Some side quests are optional and dictate how certain characters will interact with you in future. An interesting dimension to the game is that all the enemies and friends you make will appear throughout the game to aid you or disrupt your progress.

You can play a demo version of Reaper before you commit to the full version. It’s great for anyone who isn’t sure about the game but wants to check it out. This trial is quite impressive, giving players a chance to try it out in-depth.

There are only a few RPG features, however. The game also isn’t multiplayer, and there are no options to explore the game at your own pace. This is probably because the developer didn’t want to overwhelm Android players with a fully-developed RPG on a small screen.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on Android 7.1 and above. It’s also available for Windows and Mac.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This game has stunning graphics and plenty of interesting quests. If you want more RPG features, try Shadow Fight 2.

Our take

Reaper is a well-designed game that fits perfectly on a touchscreen. It’s bursting with mini-games but isn’t as heavy as most RPG games. It could still do with some extra features to make it a more developed game.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy RPG titles on a smaller scale, this is perfect for you.


  • Extensive demo
  • Concise gameplay
  • Filled with quests


  • Limited exploration
  • Few RPG features
  • Awkward controls

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Reaperfor Android


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